After and After We Collided

by Anna Todd

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I have put these books together as I read them straight after each other. Can I commend the author though on having both POV’s in the one book it is fantastic and it really does help you understand what the characters are feeling – also not making us buy another book just to hear the other main characters thoughts!  Also in “After We Collided” the scenes where Hardin is making jokes about “that time of the month”  are so hilarious and had me in stitches, it showed that Hardin does has a funny side and is not just a crazy jealous overbearing spit the dummy little boy.

“After” is Book #1 and “After We Collided” is Book #2 and the author is releasing Book 3 “After We Fall” and Book 4 “After Ever Happy” in the coming months. Perhaps I may have a weak moment and purchase them – I am still in two minds!

Basic story, boy and girl meet at college, boy is bad, girl is honest and good. Her mother overbearing and his family life broken.  Pretty stock standard with normal love triangle, rat bag friends, step brothers and frat parties.  There is double standards, game playing and back stabbing galore. 

Whilst the general story line I like I will not lie to you, I did become attached to the main characters Tessa and Hardin, it was the supporting characters and their stories that kept me actively involved and wanting to continue on to the finish.   The families and friends really add another dimension to this book and I am sure there is more to come from Tessa’s mum as she is a real bitch let me tell you.  I also would love for Noah to come back into the story more as a scorned jealous lover.

The initial attraction in Book 1 was engaging and we had the cliff hanger at the end which in turn made me purchase book 2 with the hope of perhaps enjoying a resolution , more romance and more great sex.  The main reason I am in two minds to continue on is that the constant fighting between the two main characters as it is really quite draining on the soul.  We hear in the POV that they love each other and have all these great times together but all we read about is the fighting, jealousy and drama.

The big question – will I buy book 3?

My rating for:

“After” #1  


“After We Collided” #2  


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