Road to Redemption (Dogs of Fire MC #2)

By Piper Davenport

Road to Redemption


Alex ‘Hawk’ James has a sordid and violent past, one that, in part, leaves him the single father of a little girl. His only solace is the world he’s made within the Dogs of Fire Motorcycle Club.

Payton Williams has everything under control. Her neat little world is as she has made it and she’s happy with the life she’s leading. But when a chance encounter with a gorgeous biker upends her tidy plans, she finds herself confronting things she’d been happy to gloss over… until now.

Will Hawk and Payton’s different worlds collide in chaos, or will they come together and heal the wounds of the past?

Will a threat from someone out of Hawk’s past destroy the trust he and Payton are building?

My Review

OK, so I fell in love with Hawk and his beautiful daughter Lily in Road to Desire (Dogs of Fire MC#1), so as soon as I finished book one I went and downloaded book two and by god I have just downloaded book three,  so you know I am going to tell you I LOVE this series.

Also have to say I had  a different picture of Hawk in my brain to the front cover so I went with my guy but the cover guy still rocks!  Loved reading about Dani and Booker again too.

Now, yes there are bikers and its not gritty but these are romantic reads with lots of passion and hot biker sex so I am not disappointed at all.  This series continues to make me believe it is more about the women than the men, the men yes are hot, alpha, protective and just gorgeous but the women to me own these storylines which I love.  The relationship between Payton and her family was one of my favourite parts of this story and the memories and commitments they make to each other throughout some tense, heartfelt and happy moments.

Hawk is stubborn and considering how Lily came to be you would understand his lack of trust but then Payton too harbours her own issues.  I just adored her relationship and connection the Hawk’s daughter.  Now it is all not PG rated, the passionate and imaginative sex scenes that Hawk enjoys kept me turning the pages and what do they say – you need to watch the quiet ones as they can be kinky in the sack, well Payton is definitely out there.

It was funny though, I thought I had the dramatic twist worked out in my head and as to whom was going to be the bad guy/woman but then Piper tricks me – well done not what I suspected.

We get drama, good over evil, interesting FBI connection to the storyline and we also excitingly get to see Hawk and Payton a few years on living life and making new memories with each other.

Road to Redemption (Dogs of Fire MC #2)

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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