Room For Just A Little Bit More (Cranberry Inn # 2.5)

By Beth Ehemann

BR Room for just a little bit more


Single mom Kacie Jensen must be dreaming. She’s finally found the love of her life in gorgeous hockey star Brody Murphy, and he’s just asked her to marry him. Still glowing from his romantic marriage proposal, Kacie shares the news with her twin daughters—who are delighted—and begins planning the wedding of a lifetime.

But when Kacie receives a letter from her dad, who walked out on her and her mother fifteen years ago, the happy whirlwind comes to a halt. He says he wants to meet her for lunch and catch up. But does he truly want to be a part of her life after all these years? Or is he only interested in her new fiancé’s money?

A heartwarming novel of romance, family, and lasting love, Room for Just a Little Bit More is the sweet, winning conclusion to the charming Cranberry Inn series.


There’s not too much to say about ROOM FOR JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE as this is just a quick continuation of Brody and Kacie’s story.  Every book has to have some drama, some conflict that one or both main characters have to overcome and despite being a novella, this rule held true.  This time it came in the form of Kacie’s father.

After being completely absent from Kacie’s life for the past 15 years, he requests a get-together after finding out she’s engaged to Brody.  Not believing his motives are pure (and really, who would), it takes three letters to get her to agree to a meeting.  It takes just minutes for him to show his true colours and explain the real reason he asked to meet her.  Now this is the part where I would say that I really felt sad for Kacie and how awful that must have been for her.  I know that this is a fictional story and more often than not we question the horrible qualities of a fictional character as to whether people like that exist in real life.  Reading about Don was really sad and hard to read, because I know personally that men like him really do exist.  It took me back to my past, when my own father contacted me for the first time in years with only his financial benefit in mind.  For a 17 year old girl, it was heartbreaking.  But like me, after having a quick cry, Kacie realises she’s better off without him and never gives him another thought.

Alright, enough with the sad, personal shit.

So apart from Kacie’s father, the rest of the book focuses on their wedding and ends with the birth of their first child.  Like the first two books, it was a really light, romantic and sweet read, with just the right amount of humour.  The way Brody dotes on Lucy and Piper just keeps melting my heart over and over again.

The book ends with a HEA, and to be honest I’m not sure where the series can go from here with regards to Brody and Kacie.  We’ve seen them meet and fall in love.  Their relationship has been tested and they survived with flying colours.  They’ve gotten engaged, married and had a child.  Is this the end?  I’m not sure, but I’ve heard that Viper might be getting his own book, so perhaps we’ll hear more about Brody and Kacie through his story.

Want just a little bit more (yes, pun intended) of Brody and Kacie?  There’s an online continuation of their story called A VERY MERRY MURPHY CHRISTMAS which can be found HERE on The Book Avenue.

“I still ask myself every day what I did in a previous life to deserve you, and I’m convinced I must have saved a bus full of children and puppies from falling off a cliff onto a senior citizen home or something.”

Room For Just A Little Bit More (Cranberry Inn # 2.5)

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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