The Job: Volume 1

By Dawn Robertson

BR The Job

The Job.
I honestly don’t know how I feel about The Job.

I love the synopsis: Newly single mother turns into an online working girl to support her children while her ex-husband drives around in a sports car with his twenty-something bimbo.  It’s a unique twist on the classic tale of the cheating husband leaving his family in ruins while he runs around sticking his bit into all the latest models.

I love the cover.  It just pops and looks absolutely amazing.  The bright pink.  The dress.  The shoes.  The floor.  I love all of it and it screams at me “Read Me.  Reeeead Me.”.

So I did.  I finished reading it about 24 hours ago.  And I STILL don’t know how I feel about it.

So like I said, I loved the synopsis.  What was disappointing was there wasn’t much in the way of working girl material.  Madeline’s first client is a very nice older gentleman by the name of Brian.  While rough and a bit kinky in bed the first time, he really slows it down for the rest of the night.  Her second client ends horribly and she decides to give up the whole working girl gig.  She’d rather be in a shelter than end up in that situation again.

Despite both Brian and Madeline proclaiming they’re not looking for a relationship or anything serious, he declares them to be dating when they meet for the second time, that he’s going to help her in any way he can and says she’s his future.  Ummm, okay.  Despite apparently falling for each other, I didn’t sense any real connection other than they enjoyed having sex with each other.

The end is obviously a cliffhanger, and while I totally didn’t see it coming, I groaned, knowing full well the second book is probably going to shit me to tears.  Madeline’s ex-husband is clearly going to be a problem.  Her new boss is definitely going to be a problem that will have me hating the book, because I can see how cruel he is going to be and possibly how unrealistic the situation will become.

I’ve only read a handful of serial novellas and I’m really starting to hate them.  I hate them because they’re too short and sometimes feel rushed.  I hate them because they leave me craving more.  I hate them because I think “Why can’t you just put your story into one big freakin’ amazing book?”.

So am I going to read Volume 2 (Feb 24th) and Volume 3 (Mar 17th)?  YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS I AM!!!  Why?  Because I’m freakin’ hooked, that’s why.  See?  Hate.  Them.

Brian:  “You’re going to feel me for days.  You are gong to know who fucked you good and left you unable to think about anyone else.  Are you ready for that?”

The Job: Volume 1

My rating:   4 Hearts

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