Reclaimed by Desire (Lust, Desire & Love Trilogy #3)

by Desiree A Cox

Reclaimed by Desire


Heartbreak has stripped every last one of Jeff’s walls completely down. His emotions are at their peak, and raw.

He’s willing to put everything on the line for the sake of his one true love, Nikki.

He’ll stop at nothing to make sure she knows just what she means to him, and to get her back.

But will it be enough?

Nikki is at an all-time emotional low, and she’s totally vulnerable. The things Jason said to her in Jaded By Desire have left her feelings exposed, arcing like a live electrical wire.

She wants Jeff more than anything else in the world, but, after everything they’ve been through, will he be able to convince her that his love is sincere?

**Reading order**
Twisted By Desire (book #1)
Jaded By Desire (book #2)
Reclaimed By Desire (book #3) 

My Review

Wow what a way to end a trilogy and we are finally given so much more of Jeff, perhaps I would have loved him earlier if he would have opened up his feelings as he was a hard character to like in books 1 and 2.

These two characters definitely had baggage from their upbringings and previous relationships which obviously gave them the struggles they needed to overcome before finally being able to open their hearts again.

Reclaimed by Desire gave us all the tied up endings in both Jeff and Nikki professional and personal lives and we saw more of the children.  The story jumped ahead at times where it was applicable and  I was glad as some stages I did find a bit slow.  Upon thinking back to their lives they really did just want the simple things, to come home to a house full of love, children and family and not be lonely at night.

The epilogue was beautiful and I really loved how we saw the two families come together for those important times and to support each other.

My rating: 4 Hearts

Reclaimed by Desire (Lust, Desire & Love Trilogy #3)

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