Playing His Way (The Players Club #4)

By Erika Wilde



As the new owner of The Players Club, Brent “Mac” MacMillan is all about dirty sex, wicked sin and carnal pleasure . . . served up his way. After being burned in the past, he’s always been careful to choose experienced females who enjoy submitting to his dark desires, and are willing to play by his demanding rules without expecting any emotional attachments in return.

Hiring beautiful interior designer Stephanie Randall to create fantasy bedrooms within his club is his first mistake. She’s curious, flirtatious, and makes his blood run hotter than it ever has before. Innocent when it comes to all the debauchery his sinful world has to offer, she wants to take a walk on the wild side . . . with him.

His second mistake? Saying yes. And his third? Falling for the one woman he knows he can never have.


Playing His Way is a well-paced story between two strong and sexual characters.  Both Mac and Stephanie were easy to connect with and you immediately enjoyed their playful banter with each other.

The sexual tension was built well and considering I had not read any of the other books could easily follow the supporting characters and was not overwhelmed.

Mac and Stephanie had such great chemistry with each other.  The changes in both of their feelings over the period of their friendship changing to more kept me riveted.  Their physical moments were erotic and highly enjoyable.  The way Stephanie allowed him to care for her in that environment and cease control was interesting to follow.

A surprise for me was Stephanie’s steadfast desire to be that career woman and she makes no apologies about it.

Playing His Way is a quick and easy read that I really enjoyed.

Playing His Way (The Players Club #4)

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