November (Calendar Girl # 11)

By Audrey Carlan

BR November


Life, Love, Laughter. 

Three things I never expected to experience in the month of giving thanks, but that is just what I received. Wes had survived Hell on Earth, and was back where he was meant to be…in my arms and my bed. For good. There would be no breaking us apart after the trauma we experienced up to this point. 

My new job with Century Production sent me to the big apple to interview celebrities for a special segment on being thankful. What is a girl to do when she has an entire host of celebrity friends from her past year of travels? You better believe I called up my friends Mason Murphy, all-star pitcher for the Red Sox, and Anton Santiago, the Latin Lov-ah, to participate. They were all too happy to oblige, only my guy’s feathers were a bit ruffled by the ease with which they came running. 

Add in my new family and you’ve got a fairytale Thanksgiving. Except for one tiny detail…the single seat at the table, left open by the hole in my heart that only one person could fill. 


Mia takes the opportunity while filming her upcoming ‘Be Thankful’ segment in New York to catch up with a couple of her close friends and ex-clients from previous months.  After taping has finished, Mia and Maddie, along with their fiancés, head to Texas to spend Thanksgiving with their brother Max and his family.  It’s Mia and Maddie’s first real Thanksgiving and it’s going well until they’re interrupted by a phone call they’ve been waiting eleven months for.

Most of NOVEMBER revolves around filming the New York segment and Mia & Wes’s sex life, er, relationship.  Life is going very well for Mia.  She loves her job, loves her expanding family and, despite having a few concerns about some of his behaviour, Wes is improving from his ordeal every day.  Sadly, there’s not much time spent on Mia’s father which I found beyond disappointing.  Personally I would have preferred less time spent on New York and sex and more time spent on Pops, especially considering everything Mia had to do during the past eleven months was because of him.  The book leads us into DECEMBER and will take us to Aspen, Colorado, where the person Mia will meet is obvious and I suppose a good way to end the series.  I’m not sure I’m going to like it though only because I don’t think there’s an explanation in the world that Mia, Maddie and Max could ever accept or forgive.  As we approach the final book in the series, I will be sad to see Mia’s journey come to an end.  I can only hope the final book does the series justice.

November (Calendar Girl # 11)

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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