More, Please (Homefront: The Sheridans # 1)

By Kate Aster

BR More, Please


I know exactly what I want. And it has nothing to do with the hot Navy SEAL I picked up in a bar.

Really… it doesn’t.

Even though the pressure of his lips on mine fires me like a hot kiln, and the feel of his ripped chest beneath my hungry fingertips…

Wait… I’m digressing. Focus, Allie.

Since graduating from college, I’ve been juggling two jobs while fostering abandoned dogs, with my sights set on opening a rescue kennel. I’ll do whatever it takes to succeed, even if it means fighting back my cravings for the man who’s been fueling my fantasies since I got my first taste of him in a hotel elevator.

This guy is too full of secrets. Dark ones, hidden behind his ice blue eyes. Secrets of his Special Ops past and of a billionaire family that employs half our town. He won’t let me into his world, and it’s for the best.

Logan Sheridan is more than I can handle. But when he slips his way into my life, searing the memory of his rock-hard body pressed against mine into my consciousness, all I can do is remember that night in the elevator…

…and ask for more, please.


Logan is an ex-SEAL suffering from PTSD and survivor’s guilt, who’s come home to Newton’s Creek to be closer to his ailing father.  He’s not sure what he wants to do with his life, but he knows he doesn’t want to be involved in his family’s hugely successful construction company, JLS Heartland.  Allie is a young woman working two jobs to fund her real passion – rescuing abandoned dogs and finding them new homes.  Her dream is to open up a home for rescue dogs that will save the lives of more dogs and give them a real chance to find new homes.

I have to say that while I liked both Logan and Allie, I didn’t fall in love with them.  Allie is a very kind and generous woman, but she has no confidence in herself when it comes to dating and the self-bashing is really in your face for the first half of the book.  Logan was ok, but other than helping Allie out with her dream, there’s nothing really memorable about him.

I enjoyed reading MORE, PLEASE, but the story itself is rather slow and it took a while for me to really get into it.  I almost thought about not finishing it, but I’m glad I did and I was left wanting to read book 2, FULL DISCLOSURE.  This is the beginning of a spin-off series and you can tell you’re missing something when it comes to Logan and his friends, but it’s not enough that you need to go back to the original series.  MORE, PLEASE is told in dual POVs and comes with a nice HEA.

More, Please (Homefront: The Sheridans # 1)

My Rating:  3 Hearts

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Homefront: The Sheridans Series