The Night He Saved me

By Sarah Stevens

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One night. One party. One girl forever changed.
I was supposed to stay on the path I had chosen. Go to college and make something of myself. But doing it all alone wasn’t easy, and it seemed everyone was against me.

Except James. He was there to catch me when my world crumbled—cradling my emotions and wrapping me in his secure embrace. James was there when the entire world disappeared.


One glance. One undeniable connection. One life forever changed.
Keeping myself hidden from a legacy I wanted no part of, I lived a content life. Until her. She swept in, making me forget all the bad that haunted me. Now, the past I tried to run from has caught up, and I have more to lose than ever. She’s the target, and I’m the shield.
She thinks I saved her, but she’s the one who rescued me.
Two worlds. Two hearts. And a lifetime of trials.


This was an interesting read for me, parts I loved and parts I did not enjoy and considering it was the author’s first book you need to give it a go, it touches on some pretty emotional subjects.  We get both POV from the two central characters and also some chapters go over the same points in time to explain the other characters perspective, I must say some of these worked for me and others not so much.

The biggest thing I kept telling myself was the two young friends were both 17 and hence some actions were probably typical of their maturity levels.  The biggest thing I struggled with was being forced into a sexual encounter whilst on the influence of drugs and then the same character continues to go to parties and do drugs when something so horrific happened to her, perhaps that is what youth do?  I am not so sure.

The first part of this story I felt was very fragmented and I struggled to get a grip on the two girls and then James is thrown into the story in a very adhoc way for me that did not get explained till later on in the book. I would have liked less party scenes and perhaps more interaction with the parents and how those relationships were such as Kat and her step-dad as they certainly played their parts particularly towards the end of this story.  I could have seen this book starting at a different point in time and then going back to the party scenes to explain Kat’s predicament and how her mother and step-dad handled it along with Trent being incorporated more so than just being the weird stalker until his story all comes out.

Now James as a character I loved him, he had maturity and his story to me made this whole novel and kept me going.  I was struggling until just past the 50% mark and then this book kind of just really bangs it out at a fantastic emotional and action packed level.  The mob history, James fighting for his right to choose his life and his love for Katarina and wanting to make a family were lovely romantic parts.  James was definitely such a mature person, whilst I understood his reasons to wait until she was 18 but I would have loved their friendship to have started prior to her 18th birthday as this connection would have made more sense for their intense love and commitment to her predicament.

The Night He Saved me

My Rating: 3 Hearts 

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