A Million Tiny Pieces

By Nicole Edwards




My Review

A Million Tiny Pieces is erotic, exciting, enticing, emotional and will make you so hot, horny and no joke tingle in all the right places.  This is an erotic ménage story but it is also about finding love and your place in life for three different individuals who are Mia, Phoenix and Tarik.

Tarik is hot and so god dam forceful the freak owns the room wherever he is, he is a bodyguard and he will make your toes curl (he was my favourite male).  Phoenix the other male character likes control and is fighting his urges and Mia is how can I say it, the meat between the stud sandwich and looking to put her heart and life back together after a marriage breakdown.

I actually have not read a Menage romance in a long time and really forgot how much I love them, obviously told the right way and Ms Edwards does not disappoint.   Give me a woman inbetween two men anyday and shit I get all hot and horny and need my husband to take the edge off. So image my surprise when there are a few M/M scenes and well Ms Edwards knows how to write them as I found myself reading them and not skimming as I sometimes do.  She put so much emotion into the scenes I found myself savouring each and every scene, word and sentence of an erotic encounter whether it was M/F/M, M/M or M/F.

The overlaying story regarding Mia’s ex-husband gives us suspense and mystery.  There is a great ensemble cast of characters including friends and family members that give the book soul and I would read this book again and again.

If you have not read a ménage this one is a perfect start – take the plunge you will not be disappointed.

A Million Tiny Pieces

My rating:  5 Hearts

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