The Knight (The Endgame #2)

By Skye Warren


The power of pleasure…

Gabriel Miller took everything from me. My family. My innocence. My home. The only thing I have left is the determination to get back what’s mine.

He thinks he’s beaten me. He thinks he’s won. What he doesn’t realize is that every pawn has the chance to become a queen.

And the game has only just begun.

* * * * * *

THE KNIGHT is book two in the Endgame series from New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren about revenge and seduction in the game of love.


Favourite part of The Knight for me was we got to understand more of Justin and her friend Harper and their connections to Avery.  I was glad to see Damon Scott playing an increasing role in this story, I had a hunch he was more than a minor character and he did play a bigger part than what he did in The Pawn and wow what a revelation towards the end and I cannot wait for the net instalment.

The connection between Gabriel and Avery strengthens and their sex scenes are highly enjoyable and they felt more emotional than in The Pawn, you can feel the connection growing.

The mystery continued at a solid pace and still had me guessing, I love the secrets within the houses and the ending had me second guessing if one of the characters true intentions were revealed and also after the fire with characters appearing out of nowhere.  I had a secret hunch about Will a new character and loved how I was right in how he came to be there at the right time in her life.  The Den is certainly continuing to play it’s role of manipulation.

So good to also learn more about her mother and Uncle Landon who did not creep me out as much as he did in The Pawn.

The whole place of Tanglewood is really quite creepy and with so many secrets being entwined with each other it is certainly providing for a great game of who has the best move to make.

The Knight (The Endgame #2)

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