Hurricane (Heaven Hill Generations #1)

By Laramie Briscoe


We finally get our happily ever after…..

Remington “Remy” Sawyer

For most of my life I’ve been the person who lived with the hand he was dealt. Not much in my life have I had a say in. Birthed by parents I don’t talk to, I was raised by the only person who ever cared for me – my brother, Cash. Under his guidance, I’ve become the person I am today.

Productive member of society, and patched brother in the Heaven Hill MC.

I don’t want for anything, other than Tatum Walker.

We had a shot, and we both screwed it up……massively.

Tatum “Tate” Walker

Being the daughter of the President of the Heaven Hill MC is a burden, but one I’ll face every day with pride. It’s hard for me to know what people like me for. Is it my personality, my looks, or are they trying to get close to the Club? There’s one person I’ve never doubted.

Remington Sawyer.

A year ago we had one night of almost passion – that ended with me walking away in tears – and him walking away in anger.

Some time away from each other has given us perspective. Now, instead of the storm of chaos that was our one attempt at a relationship, we’re both ready for calm.

And nothing, they say, is as calm – as the eye of a Hurricane.


I have not read any Heaven Hill books but I could easily follow all the characters introduced and did not get confused.  Although perhaps I would have connected easier if I had?

I admit I liked Remy as a character more than Tate, he was definitely more mature however Tate slowly grew on me by the end.

This is a romance around two young people who after a misunderstanding reconnect and move forward together for a second chance at having a relationship.  The moments at the cabin were my favourite and they really do talk to each other and admit mistakes.

It was at times a bit too slow for me and I was waiting for some action which we did get from Remy’s parents.  The build-up of waiting for them to finally admit their enduring love for each other was satisfying at the end.

I really loved how all the adults supported these two young characters.  There is not much MC drama in this and it purely centers around these two young people.

This had a very different feel from other books by the author I have read.

Hurricane is an easy read without any unnecessary drama and is a sweet romance.

Quote:  “I didn’t know lonely until I had you and lost you”

Hurricane (Heaven Hill Generations #1)

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