Hooking Up – Video Book Club

Title: Hooking Up
Series: Stand-alone
Author: Helena Hunting
Release Date: November 7, 2017

Christine’s Review

I loved this book. It had everything in this book that I love. I have read Helena Hunting before and I found it started in the same fashion. It had some great shock value that immediately makes you want to get into this book. I thought that Amie carried herself very well. It is so hard not to give into the pressure that she must have been going through at the time. Her husband was such an asshole!!! Thank goodness she has a good family and friends behind her. I love Lex. Amie met Lex first and was attracted to him but his cousin Armstong stole her away. But I think fate keep throwing Lex in Amie’s path.

There were several scenes in this book that were hilarious. One of the funniest was the airport security scene. I almost fell over laughing. Amie just has a way of turning what could be an embarrassing moment to her advantage. I found that this book was paced well and conveyed emotion and humour. I love Helena’s style of writing. She writes great female characters.

My Rating:  

Lulu’s Review

I rate Hooking Up 4 Hearts as it kept me engaged throughout the entire story. There was an even balance of humour but also emotional moments that made my heart hurt for both Lex and Aimie. These characters were both very easy to connect to from the first few chapters. I have not read the other book for Ruby and Bane and it did not affect my ability to enjoy this stand-alone.

When Aimie goes through the security check at the airport it was such a humous moment and made me laugh out loud. The way Lex attempts to be the good guy just made me fall in love with him from the moment he saves her at the airport, to caring for her on the plane and to being her protector. The balance the author gives to the sex scenes to me was perfect, there are hot sensual up against the door sex but also moments where Aimie and Lex’s barriers are breaking down.

When Anarchy Aimie comes out to play it is wonderful and her realisation as to the way Armstrong was manipulating her was insightful. The moments as Aimie takes back her innerself that was hidden away is delightful. When she asks Lexington what socks he is wearing, her coloured underwear and realising she is a capable woman again. The author gave Aimie the time to process her feelings, this is not her jumping from one relationship to another, Lex and Aimie are given time to develop their true feelings and come to realisations of what they both want. Ruby and Bane were favourite supporting characters although a little judgy at times however Bane was forgiven when he stands up for Lex in the end.

I thoroughly enjoyed Hooking Up, it had all the wonderful elements of a great love story.

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Vicki’s Review

After meeting Amie and her fiancé, Armstrong, in SHACKING UP, I was really looking forward to Amie’s story, because I knew Armstrong was a cheating douchebag and I wanted to see Amie find a man worthy of her.  While I don’t remember Lex from the previous book, in this book he proves he is definitely that man.

Helena Hunting has a great way of writing characters that you’ll love, and characters that you’ll love to hate.  I really liked Amie, who was strong and comfortable with her sexuality, but she also had just the right amount of insecurity that made her relatable.  I loved that she stood her ground against Armstrong, physically and mentally.  Speaking of Armstrong, he’s a huge douchebag.  Yes, I know I’ve called him that twice already, but he’s such a big one that it deserves being mentioned more than once.  Finally, I loved Lex, who is definitely a keeper with his playful personality and kind heart, and I’m very glad that he got the girl.

I enjoyed HOOKING UP, but it didn’t have the same amount of humour that SHACKING UP did.  Sure, there were scenes that had me smiling and laughing, but they were few and far between, and thanks to Armstrong’s disturbing and delusional behaviour, it was quite a bit more serious than the previous book.  I liked reading how Lex and Amie met in the proglogue, and how Chapter One really draws you into the story by making you feel a wide range of emotions.  Unfortunately, I did feel that the story dragged a little after Lex and Amie left Bora Bora, and it didn’t really pick up again until towards the end.

HOOKING UP is told in dual POVs and comes with a HEA for Lex and Amie.  While it is listed as a stand-alone—and it can be read as such—its characters are connected to SHACKING UP.  If you haven’t read SHACKING UP yet, I highly recommend it.  Will there be another book after this one?  Maybe.  There’s a little scene at the end that involved a much-hated female character that got my spidey senses tingling.  Time will tell.

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