Bulletproof Butterfly

By Anna Brooks


I wasn’t a rookie, but I made a mistake because I was selfish, impulsive, and headstrong.

I was also in love.

My desire for her overwhelmed me. Consumed me. Distracted me.

To protect her, I stood motionless as my partner pried her from the security of my arms. I watched as she fought his hold. I even listened when she screamed that she hated me.

For years I’ve been patient, I’ve been smart, and I’ve gone by the book. But now… it’s finally over.

It’s time to get my girl back.


Firstly, I love the cover of Bulletproof Butterfly, it is so Jay and I could imagine this guy throughout the whole story.

Livvie’s journey is highly confronting, her depth of despair will have you questioning how you would cope, she was inspiring to me.

Jay I fell in and out of love with as this story progressed, he did lose me in the middle of the story.  I cannot pinpoint why, however i was emotionally invested in Livvie and she was hurting and I blamed Jay when I should not have.

I have to say I struggled with the pace until around chapter 10 and then I was hooked and could not put this down.  Livvie was an amazing character and her emotional strength kept me turning the pages.  To be able to follow her process her immense feelings of loneliness, anger and fear broke my heart many times.  At times I became frustrated with the story continually returning to before Livvie was forced to leave Jay, in hindsight, it was probably because I was eager for them to reunite.

I am very much looking forward to reading Opal and Ryan’s story, that was a lovely addition.

Quote:  I feel betrayed, lonely, scared. Just …. all the things. I have never been this mad before.

Bulletproof Butterfly

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