Hold Me Down

By Sara Taylor Woods

Hold Me Down


Talia Benson has always been independent, unafraid to go after what she wants, regardless of setback, injury, or failure. But between her father’s conditional tuition payments and her mother’s nagging concern over her emotional state, Talia’s suffocating.

So when Talia meets doctoral student Sean Poole, she can’t figure out why she wants him to control her. Why she wants him to boss her around. Why she wants him to hurt her.

Talia learns the hard way that not all control is created equal, and sometimes submitting is the most empowering thing in the world.

From the author: Hold Me Down is a standalone romance with a HEA. It contains graphic sexual situations, language, D/s elements (including Daddy play), as well as discussion (but no depiction) of self-harm. 


Hold Me Down has left me feeling so many emotions, I am raw, this was a devastatingly dark and highly emotional read, it had me gripped and I wanted to crawl into this story and stand with Talia when she was getting attacked from so many of her inner circle.

The Christmas period had me devastated, when she went on the medication, she was so alone and her semester back in college having to go to that class, she showed her strength.

One surprising story within Hold Me Down is her faith as a Jew, it was actually really incredible how the author spun Talia’s beliefs and her upbringing into her need for control and acknowledgement of good deeds.  Talia’s relationship with her parents helps you to understand how she thinks and her inner turmoils and need to affection.

Now onto Beardy McBlue Eyes ,well Dr Poole is bold and direct however towards the end I think I fell in love with that man, the showdown between Talia and Sean and their emotional outpouring of grief from their time apart gave me tingles and tears.

The passionate dominating scenes in Hold Me Down flow well, the build up of sexual tension and anticipation will have your squirming in your seat as you read.

I love the cover of this book and I would honestly read another whole story on Dr Poole and Talia.

Quote: I believe in strength through faith. I believe in compassion and freedom.

Hold Me Down

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