Frosted Sweets

by A M Willard

Frosted Sweets


A.M. Willard brings you a romantic comedy with a touch of contemporary romance and a dash of chick lit, which takes you on a journey of friendship.

Frosted Sweets is the first installment of A Taste of Love Series in which we follow the lives of Morgan and Jayden, who are discovering life is anything but what it seems.

Morgan Lewis, the owner of The Polka Dot Café & Bakery, is about to wed the man she’s spent the last four years building a life with. What she doesn’t know is, that’s all about to change. Can her life move past a wedding disaster? Can her crazy friends help her pick up the pieces? And what’s in store for this sweet baker? Along with a booming business, the Christmas holiday rush, and her friends, Morgan is really sent into a spin when Jayden Rivers moves to town.

Jayden’s focus is on his career in production, but what he wasn’t expecting was to be knocked off his feet by a woman in the park. Sparks fly, but he’s not sure if she’s truly available or taken. With a severe sweet tooth and an addiction to Morgan Lewis’s treats, he can’t seem to stay away.

Will it turn into sugar and spice? Or a friendship over some frosted treats?

“A balance of friends, family, and love.”   When does our past stop picking at our scars and start letting them heal?


My Review

What I loved was the friendship of these four different and individual women.  Morgan had a passion and it was interesting to follow how it fed her soul and repaired her heart.  I was glad she eventually felt sorrow for her failed relationship at a particular moment in the story it was well developed and I truly felt sorry for her and wanted to sit on that bench with her.

The love triangle between the men keeps you on your toes, I did not entirely feel Jayden;s connection immediately with Morgan but then when he literally stepped up to help Morgan at a poignant moment was when I fell in love with him.

Towards the end of the story you learn more of her friends and this will obviously lead into the other stories of this series, I particularly want to see how Frankie’s story plays out and Natasha too.

This story starts slow but then rises to perfection and tops it off with all round sweet and fluffy goodness.

My rating: 4 Hearts

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