Forbidden: Othala Witch Collection (Sector Twelve)

By Shannon Eckrich



Bestselling author Shannon Eckrich’s FORBIDDEN is the twelfth novel in the dystopian paranormal romance collective, The Othala Witch Collection.

Falling in love isn’t supposed to be deadly.

In Sector Twelve, being a Natural isn’t only dangerous, it’s a death sentence. And Layna just happens to be one. If the council were to find out, they would surely kill her, regardless whether her sister is the Regent or not. She had sworn to her mother she would keep her abilities a secret, and she has no intentions of breaking that promise. Then Seth came along.

Seth is also a Natural, and Layna not only finds herself drawn to him and his powers, but the harder she falls for him, the more her past begins to emerge. Memories which were erased to keep her safe. To keep her hidden. And to keep her away from Seth.

According to a prophecy, Layna has the ability to stop her sister and the council from destroying the sector. And only Seth can help her. But there’s one problem. Seth isn’t only her true soul mate, but according to the prophecy, he’s destined to kill her. Unless, she can change the future.


Forbidden is a story of love and betrayal.

Layna is a natural who is forced to keep this secret from everyone she knows.  Naturals are not accepted and feared.  They are to be exterminated.  Layna has a somewhat good life being the sister of the current Regent.  She goes and does her job everyday until the day she runs into Seth.

Seth is also a natural who is on the run.  Once he mets up with Layna he could not let her go. He also keeps another secret from her that changes everything for her.

Layna could not  explain her attraction to Seth.  Even though he knew they should not be together, once they found each other they could not be parted.

All the characters were well written and helped shape the future for this sector.  I especially loved Layna’s best friend, Kesi.  Layna’s sister was also a force to be reckoned with, but just not in a good way.  Everyone was keeping secrets from Layna and as everything unfolds her life is forever changed.

Forbidden is a fast paced and heart clinching.  I had not realized that this was part a series when I selected this book but it could be read as a stand-alone.  I didn’t feel like I was missing anything.  It also made me want to go back and look at the previous installments to this series.


My Rating:  5 Hearts

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