Fear the Beard (The Dixie Warden Rejects MC #2)

By Lani Lynn Vale


Tally is a twenty-year-old single mother struggling to finish nursing school. Has she made mistakes in life? Sure, but her daughter isn’t one of them. She works hard, she studies even harder, and she’s only a few weeks away from graduating.
She’s living her life the best she knows how when she witnesses a near miss motorcycle accident between a car and a biker. A biker that happens to be the most talked about teacher at her college.

The moment she meets those startling blue, narrowly-escaped-death eyes, she realizes quickly that life as she knows it has changed. No longer will she be content to let life pass her by, even if it puts everything she’s worked so hard for in jeopardy.


Tommy is a highly skilled doctor. A teacher. A veteran. A fully-patched member of The Dixie Wardens MC. He’s lonely, but also set in his ways. What will it take for this man to accept that he needs to make some changes in his life? Apparently, it’ll take a guy in a truck, who’s preoccupied with his phone rather than focused on the road, nearly plowing into him on his bike at seventy miles per hour. Oh, and a twenty-something year old nursing student witnessing the entire thing from only a few feet away.

It only takes a second, a single heartbeat in time, as he looks into her worry-filled eyes to realize that he’d give anything for a single night with her. He may lose his job in the process, but after that one incredible night turns into an amazing weekend, he knows it’s worth the risk for the promise of her forever


Firstly I love the cover of Fear the Beard and also I love the Dedication.  I recommend you read it as the story will make so much more sense and it is just beautiful between Tally and Tallulah, the love this mother has for her daughter.  As soon as I realised Tally get’s Hangry I knew she was my kind of girl!

Another beautiful part of this story is the way Tommy is with Tallulah, it fits perfectly with him being a doctor, brought tears to my eyes with the way he cared for her and also Tally for that matter.  There was great humour and banter between the characters and the age difference between Tommy and Tally made sense as he provided the calm and mature comfort for her and Tally also was very mature for her age considering she had her daughter so young, it all just made sense.

Fear the Beard is paced perfectly and dual POV help connect all the stories and Hadley provided an interesting surprise and I also enjoyed Ghost.

Tommy and Tally’s sex scenes were passionate and full of fire and I really enjoyed watching their story grow including Tally’s family involvement and of course the MC and this story was ended perfectly.

Quote: “My girl gets Hangry”

Fear the Beard (The Dixie Warden Rejects MC #2)

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