Endless Obsession

By Alex Grayson



I’ve silently watched her for a year, staying hidden in the shadows, biding my time.

She may know me as two different men, but she doesn’t have a clue what I’ve done.

She unknowingly became mine the minute my eyes touched her beauty.
But I’ve done things. Things she may not be able to forgive.

I know all her secrets, her habits, her preferred coffee, what she does in her spare time, her favorite lingerie brand, even that she sleeps naked.

At night, I watch her from her window. During the day, I watch her from my computer. She innocently bares her heart and body to me, and I soak up every single fucking second.

I’ve stayed away, but I’m tired of watching from afar. It’s time Poppy finds out just who I am and what I’m willing to do to take what’s mine. She may hate me when she finds out my what I’ve done, but she has no choice but to accept it. She will be my wife. She will mother my children. I will claim every part of her heart, body, and soul. Anything else is unacceptable.

Poppy Lexington has become my endless obsession. I will become her uncontrollable addiction


Endless Obsession gives you darkness, fantasy, passion and emotional curveballs that had me shaking, crying and travelling an emotional rollercoaster. I devoured this dirty but oh so decadent story – is it wrong to want my own Asher Knight – if that makes me dark and twisted then lock me up now but let me take Endless Obsession as I could pick this up and read again without doubt.

Poppy’s personal story is one of loneliness and living a life of order and seclusion – perfect for an alpha rich businessman who needs to get his life in order before he romances the woman he loves. He simply monitors her life and as a computer IT geek he has plenty of resources!

Twists within the storyline keep your riveted to the pages and I did not pick the dramatic ending. The moment of enlightenment for Poppy and her understanding of who Asher & Sterling were was as emotional as I thought it would be and was simple perfection. Her actions and thought process just brilliant and was expressed upon the pages that made my eyes water and gave me somersaults in my tummy. The sexual scenes and overall anticipation and build up between the main characters was really exquisite and so expressive upon the pages.

Overall the story flowed perfectly, I loved the ending just perfect for the romantic in me. I connected to all the main characters and I am excited to see that in December we get another story.

My only negative comment and I have to be totally honest is to say I do not like the cover and it comes down to my own perception of how Asher looks in my mind.

Endless Obsession

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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