Emilia: Part 2 (Trassato Crime Family #4)

By Lisa Cardiff


I’m the head of the Masciantonio family. I’m a dangerous, ruthless, unforgiving man, and I know how to fight dirty.

Fate put Emilia Trassato in my path. I saw a future with her—I saw hope. But she didn’t agree, and I let her walk away.

Now she’s back, but I’m no longer free to claim her. However, the minute our eyes meet, I know there’s nothing in this entire goddamn world strong enough to keep me from her.

She’s the only woman I’ve ever wanted, and I don’t care how many promises I have to break, or how many lives I have to destroy…I’m not letting her go. Not again.

Because this time…she’s mine. 


Firstly you must read Emilia: Part 1 which was released in May 2017, this will set up the love triangle and where Emilia finds herself at the start of this book.  As it had been a year I re-read book 1 and still loved the drama and suspense around this mafia family.

Salvatore and Marcello provide again great tension, however, I was happy this was not dragged on.  The choice by Emilia is made swiftly in the beginning and I was very satisfied, she chose the right man for her. Their passion was perfect and I loved how we learned so much more about Emilia’s family history.  Her father finally stood up for her.  That was a favourite turn of events in this story for me, to learn more about her mother.

The mystery and suspense were tied up really well by the author, it was worth the wait and I did not pick the dangerous connections.  My only complaint was Part 2 does not have all the angst and drama that Part 1 had and it would have been great to have this whole story in one book to keep the momentum.

Emilia: Part 2 (Trassato Crime Family #4)

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