Dominic (Benedetti Brothers #2)

By Natasha Knight




I was the boy who would never be king. The monster who could never be loved.

Gia was just a job. Just another girl caught in a world of monsters.

It didn’t matter that I liked the look of her.
I didn’t care that she cringed when she saw my soul.
I liked it.
I liked her fear.
And I wanted her.

Monsters didn’t get to live happily ever after, though. I knew one day I’d have to go back. Because time neither forgave nor forgot.

And neither did I.

Old debts needed to be settled. Enemies punished. It was past time I returned to the family business. I’d been gone far too long.


All my life, I believed in fairy tales. Not the Disney kind. Never those. I always knew life was darker than that.

I was the daughter of a foot soldier. The sister of a snitch. A nobody.

Monsters had been part of my life for as long as I could remember, but none as dark as Dominic Benedetti. None as cruel. None as broken.

I had no illusions about what he was. I had no desire to save his soul. And I couldn’t care about his bleeding heart.

But love isn’t always beautiful. It could be a twisted, ugly bitch.

I’d always known this was the kind I’d find. The only kind that could touch me.

Because some of us, we belonged in the dark.
And Dominic and I belonged in the dark.

Author’s Note: Dominic is a steamy standalone romance. He is the ultimate Anti-Hero, so be prepared for a crazy, rough ride. To fully understand Dominic’s actions, I recommend reading the first book in the Benedetti Brothers duet, Salvatore.

This book is intended for mature readers. No cliffhanger and no cheating.


Love the cover, love the drama, love the sex and love the Mafia – Dominic is pure danger and I devoured him.

Firstly, the timeline between Salvatore (Book 1) and Dominic (Book 2) was perfect in my eyes and I appreciated the dual perspectives of Gia and Dominic.  I read Dominic in a day, I could not put down but to fully appreciate his story you need to read Salvatore (Book 1) first.

Dominic’s personality and emotional baggage is still so strong and as are so many returning characters who play their part in manipulating his current actions and mood.

The way the author threw us head first into the situation between Dominic and Gia and then allowed us to go back to know how they got to the cabin was very easy to follow.  Gia’s torment, heartache and fear gripped you from the first few pages – I was hooked and petrified.

It only took me a couple of chapters to get my head back into the whole wonderful Mob world that Natasha Knight involves us in.  We are given romance, heat and passion but a fantastic Mob mystery to try and follow who is wanting to take over the kingdom.

I was happy that we also get to see Salvatore and Lucia again and I did love how Effie played her part as that storyline was one of my favourites from Salvatore.

The connection between the two main characters of Dominic and Gia has a slow and steady build up – it was perfect for me.

Dominic (Benedetti Brothers #2)

My Rating: 5 Hearts

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