Dominated (The Enforcers #2)

By Maya Banks



For fans of E. L. James, Sylvia Day, J. Kenner and Meredith Wild . Dominated is the second in a sizzling hot erotic romance series, The Enforcers: these men don’t play by the rules – they make them.

In Drake’s shadowy world, his enemies would exploit any weakness he had in order to bring him to his knees, and so he’s never allowed himself to care about anyone…never exhibited any vulnerability, and it made him a force to be reckoned with. Until Evangeline – a woman who slipped past his defenses like no one had ever managed. She was his to protect and ultimately, to do that, he had to do the unthinkable and drive the only good thing in his world away.

Devastated and destroyed, Evangeline doesn’t know what made Drake turn on her in such a shocking manner. She only knows she’ll never be the same. He once freed her from all her inhibitions, only now she is a prisoner to never-ending pain. But when Drake finds her again, she realises there is more to his world than she ever imagined, and she must decide if she can once more trust – and submit – to the man who holds her wounded heart in his hands. And he must convince her of just how far he’ll go to regain her love and forgiveness.

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Oh my GAWD – again Maya Banks had made me put a book down and go put on some big girl panties to continue reading to the end – just brilliant !!  This series is becoming another favourite like her “Surrender Trilogy” or her “Breathless Trilogy” – yes I am a Maya Banks stalker and I do not care one bit!!

So Dominated picks off right from Book 1 which was fantastic as Maya leaves us hanging.  During Dominated I admit I was not happy with Drake and I was starting to think ill thoughts of him particularly towards the ending – which is why I put the book down as I was very upset with him.

You must read “Mastered” first before reading Dominated otherwise will not make sense.

Angel, she is just a beautiful girl and I love her immensely, we again get beautiful moments with her and Drake’s “men”.  Also really enjoyed seeing more of her parents and how they become entwined into the story, the ending was simply beautiful and made me so happy and I forgave Drake for being a douche bag.

I was wondering about one of the surprises and so happy it came to fruition towards the ending which made me  stop reading and enter into iBooks and pre-order “Kept” Book 3 as in no way am I going to miss the final instalment of Drake and Angel.

Dominated (The Enforcers #2)

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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