Dark and Beautiful Nights (The Covenant Series Volume 3)

By Betty Shreffler



One man will fight to keep her love while the other will do whatever it takes to win it…

Devotion keeps Kayci longing for Adrian’s return. Dark magic is the only way to free him and its cruel seduction has captured Kayci in its embrace. Cassius, unwilling to lose the one thing he’s longed for—his mate, fights for Kayci’s heart and saves her from her biggest threat… herself.
Pulled between unrestrainable desire for Cassius and her devotion to Adrian, leaves Kayci suffering from the worst battle she’s ever encountered…the one for her heart.


Dark and Beautiful Nights is the third volume to the Covenant Series and it does not disappoint. It picks up right where book two leaves off.  Adrian is stuck and Kayci is looking for a way to free him using dark magic.  This is slowly consuming her and everyone around her is worried.  Including her other love interest, Cass.

I can’t really share to much of the story because, just like in Betty Shreffler’s preceding volumes, one detail leads to the next.  Betty has a great way of surprising you when you least expect it.

Kayci is still a strong character that has taken on a lot of responsibility.  She has the Covenant to run and has to find a way to bring Adrian back from the place that he was sent to. And as we have seen in the past the Covenant can be a dangerous group to be a part of.

Cass has a much bigger role to play in this volume and he really grew on me.  He loves Kayci but she is devoted to Adrian and feels guilty for having any feelings for anyone else.  We also got to know Alex a lot better and he was instrumental in helping Kayci stay sane.

I really love this series and hope that it continues.  Betty Shreffler has a great way of adding one last detail at the end of every story.  It leaves you wanting even more.

Dark and Beautiful Nights

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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