Acquired Asset

By ZN Willett



In the business world, Christopher Colby is a force to be reckoned with—admired by many, he’s an intelligent, confident, smooth-talking COO who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

To Quinn Cordell, Christopher is a demon reincarnated—a sexy, self-centered, cocky bastard who is trying his damnedest to take over her family’s company.

Normally, Quinn handles men like that very well—with precision and tactics of her own.

Quinn understands Christopher’s type.

But what Quinn doesn’t understand is, why she allowed Christopher to grope her in a supply closet?


Acquired Asset is a a high powered story of trust and love within corporate america.   I loved this story of two families that were enemies at one point and now forced to merge together to create a super corporation.  That doesn’t mean that they like each other though.  And trying to figure out how to blend the new corporation will prove challenging.

I loved Quinn’s character.  She was everything I wanted her to be.  She was tough and didn’t take any crap from anyone.  She knew she had to  work hard because her counterpart with the other family was a man but that didn’t stop her.  The only thing she didn’t do well was put her heart on the line.

Christopher was the perfect man for Quinn.  He injected the right amount of humour and passion that made her crazy. He worked hard to get through her walls that she built up over many years.  I loved his directness and honesty.

They have huge hurdles to overcome.  (Mainly their families.) Christopher’s mother is a major bee-otch.  Quinn’s father isn’t happy about the situation either.

Acquired Asset made me laugh, cry and get enraged.  The perfect trifecta.  ZN Willett injected the right amount of passion that made this story addictive.  And the ending had an emotional punch that made want to read the book all over again.

Acquired Asset

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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