By Clair Delaney



What if you had to face your deepest, darkest fears for the one thing you truly want?
When Coral Stevens is given the shocking news that her boss is selling the company, she instantly feels like her controlled, uncomplicated world is being thrown upside down. The she meets her new boss to be, the enigmatic Tristan Freeman.

Deeply troubled by how attracted she is to him, she warns him to stay away, that she’s not good for him, yet Tristan pursues her. Fate will help Tristan along the way, and put him in Coral’s path when she least expects it, and when she needs him more than she knows; but with the ghosts of her past still haunting her, can Coral finally exorcise these demons and allow the irresistible Tristan into her heart?

My Review

So I have to share how I found this book  – no joke, I  am on lounge thinking need a new book, yes I have a few on my shelves in ibooks and Kindle but of course did not want to read them – saving for a rainy day?  Searching through Amazon under Romance and there amongst the many covers of naked or near naked couples embracing each other is a little book called “Coral” with a love heart as its cover on what looks like wood panels.  I looked at the book and I honestly felt sorry for it, a bit like the ugly cousin bridesmaid you know –  I readily admit the cover and book name is normally my first attraction.   So I read the first few sentences and thinking its free why not?  Best decision ever …….

Well can I say, this book is just beautiful, emotional, heart wrenching and funny too.    What I simply loved and sucked me in was the first chapter basically gives you Coral’s first few years and unfortunately what happens to her, yes it is traumatic and not a pleasant introduction but the way it is written I felt was done in a tasteful yet also in a respectful manner.  You immediately as the reader feel compassion and a sense of need to continue further to ensure Coral has a beautiful life.

The book then fast forwards to Coral being 30 and her world as she knows it is thrown into a tail spin.  Coral for obvious reasons has trust and anxiety problems and strictly plans all current and future actions in her life.   Can I also say the author explains and expresses Corals anxiety in such a manner that is quite haunting and confronting. The supporting characters of friends and family are loving and outspoken and then there is Tristan the new boss – hot and 40!  I really do not want to say too much about the general story as I will give too much away but I do believe this  first book has merely touched on the secrets, shocks and stories yet to be told from both Tristan and Coral’s past.

You know I have thought about this book all day and considering I love reading about hot sex with great men, I have just realised that with all the sexual chemistry within this first book, they actually do not complete the deed as they say.  Do I feel I have missed out, not on your life as I think when it does happen I will be getting very hot under the collar and perhaps a bit emotional.

The last few pages had my eyes glossing over as I was becoming so engrossed with each step Coral was taking.  Its like I am there holding her hand willing her to take a chance with her heart.  I understand the cover now!  I finished this and then went straight to amazon and paid for book 2.


My rating: 5 Hearts

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