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I shouldn’t have remembered him.
He was just a guy who walked through a restaurant. I didn’t know his name. We never made eye contact. There was no connection between us at all.
But I could feel him.
The tingle down my spine. The command in his presence. The snap of tension in the air around him. That was the first time I saw him, and I was captivated.
The second time was different.
He was in the mysterious back elevator of my apartment building. Our eyes met for a fleeting second before the doors closed, and I was staggered. My breath was robbed. My senses on high alert. My body hummed.
That was just the beginning.
He was the leader of the mafia. I was about to fall in love with him, and his name…
Cole Mauricio.


Cole & Addison when combined well to put it simply their chemistry and passion was just perfection and when he says those three words you will have tears and tingles.

I devoured Cole and the hidden stories that evolved as his journey progressed. The Mafia connections and the ongoing relationship to Carter Reed was expertly entwined with this story.

Honestly to fully appreciate Cole you need to read Carter Reed 1 and 2 as both Carter and Emma return to Cole’s life and he is a god that man when he graces the pages, freakin Carter Reed – orgasmic pleasures upon these pages!

Two of my favourite characters apart from the leading lovebirds was Sia and Jake, Sia provided some amazing moments of humour and really complemented Addison and pushed her outside her comfort zone.  Jake was that perfect guy you want for your best friend that includes you in their inner circle and has your back and wow Dawn was an interesting surprise just when I was thinking where was she certainly came back with a Bang!

The whole story flowed really well for me and it was paced to perfection and also the timelines and explanation of Cole & Carter was done enough in case the reader has not read Carter Read.

I did not pick the hidden Mafia connections and the drama and action towards the ending was brilliant and then to see that Carter Reed 3 is coming – OMG happy dance right here and I would so love to see Carter and Cole making their own families with these two strong women who have taken these Mafia men into their hearts.

Quote: Once you go Carter, you always become smarter


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