By Lili St. Germain


Beware this book is dark, gruesome, filthy and there is simply no good or happy ever after.  This story has twisted me to the point of questioning my sanity, I hated Dornan with an absolute vengeance after reading the Gypsy Brothers Series which I admit I could only read up to book “Four Score” as emotionally I could not deal with anymore death, pain, heartache and secrets.  I now find myself strong enough to venture back as I need to know what transpired as I kind of now understand how Dornan is such a psychotic freak (I purposely did not read any reviews of the books I have not read yet).

I am afraid to admit I actually felt sorry for Dornan and appreciated him especially how he conversed with Mariana.  Mariana has grown up around the Cartel, she is street wise, hard and probably not expecting herself to live past 30 in all honesty.  I found myself understanding how Mariana could be thankful to him, if I felt it as a reader comprehending the whole scenario being played out consider how you would feel being locked in that room thinking of being sold or raped – pure terrifying and having only Dornan as your saviour.  It is so interesting to see the initial interactions between Dornan, Mariana and John and I will be picking up Kingpin and Empire as even though I know the end result I need to read about the whole story.  I want to know more about John, his wife and daughter as in Gypsy Brothers you hear about the history but of course they are dead or older, damaged and lost – I have so many questions that I want answers for.

What do you read first – this series or Gypsy Brothers?

For me I think reading a few of the Gypsy Brothers probably kept me invested in this story as I admit there were some parts I really struggled with and if I did not want to find the answers for then perhaps I may have put it down.   I mean Seven Sons and Six Brothers were brutual – shit the whole lot up to Four Score was hence I took a break as there is only so much brutality I can mentally cope with at a time.

This book is about drug dealers, cartel, motorcycle clubs, whores, corruption and death – pick this up if you dare – its a game of deception and pure survival.


My rating: 

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