Carnal Whispers: Mind Stalker (Carnal Series #3)

By Reily Garrett

Carnal Whispers


To delve into another’s mind is to revel in the depths of truth, cringe in the face of past and imagined horrors, and suffer their dreams, all while searching for balance and serenity.

Daniele is a mysterious, gentle, and loyal young woman harboring knowledge capable of destroying millions. Thumbing her nose at fate, she hides in plain sight while concealing her extraordinary talent, enduring isolation despite her fantasies of a normal life.

Marc, owner of the BDSM club, Ambrosia, is determined to protect the elusive beauty stalked by a psychopathic killer. Hidden underneath her vulnerability, he senses a courage and determination forged from horrific circumstances. While adapting unique scenes to free her from fear and low self-esteem, he strives to stay one step ahead of a branch of the government answering to no one.

Each must rely on the other to survive a world where betrayal and deception, desire and trust, weave a fabric that threatens their sanity.


Carnal Whispers: Mind Stalker is the third book in the Carnal series and centers around Dani and Marc. Dani who played a role in saving Callie from the Think Tank in Carnal Innocence (book 2) and Marc is one of the brothers of Nate.

Dani and Marc meet at the Vet’s office where Dani works.  Marc has been flirting with Dani each time he brings his dogs in but hasn’t been able to get her to open up.  She has a secret that she will protect even if that means that she will never have an intimate relationship with anyone.  She is extremely attracted to Marc but knows that she can never act on it.

Then on one fate filled day Dani is put in danger and Marc is able to step in and take charge.  He is intrigued by her and also knows that there is something different about her. Dani decides that Marc might help her disappear again.  She hoped that he would get her a new identification to disappear with.  Marc has different ideas and he will take charge of the situation to make sure that she is safe and his.

I loved both Marc and Dani’s characters.  He always seemed slightly confused because Dani was always a step ahead of him.  It really keep his alpha maleness from totally taking over.  The novel was well paced and definitely had some hot sex scenes. There were two things that I felt had a rough transition.  One was the introduction of the colonel’s team for extra protection for Dani and two was the BDSM elements to this story.  The BDSM elements were well written but I just question the timing within the story.

This novel was exciting and definitely left me wanting more.  I look forward to Connor’s story and I hope that the Think Tank will make another appearance.

Carnal Whispers: Mind Stalker

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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