Burning Ultimatum (Trevor’s Harem # 4)

By Aubrey Parker

BR Burning Ultimatum


With Trevor’s contest at its end, it’d be easy to say we’re three against one. And yet I’ve never felt so alone. 

My heart is torn, twisted, ripped. I’m alternately hot and cold. I dream vivid dreams, no longer sure if they’re fantasy or reality. 

There’s a new player in the game. He’s tall, broad, beautiful, and intimidating. Everyone is afraid of him, even the company. I’m told he has a secret, and that I’m its subject. And someone else has a secret, too — from our mystery man, and god help us if he learns it. 

Everyone is loyal to something or someone in this place — though it’s seldom what it seems. 

I don’t know who’s with me and who’s against me — if I’ll go home with my new protector … or be kept here forever. 

I couldn’t possibly be what Eros has combed the world for … can I?


BURNING ULTIMATUM is the final novella in a four-part serial that I read back to back.  I really wanted to like this series and I kept giving it the benefit of the doubt, but the only emotion I’m feeling two weeks after finishing it is frustrated.

Starting with BURNING OFFER, I didn’t understand what was going on but I was intrigued enough to continue with the series.  BURNING RIVALRY and BURNING CHOICE were similar, in that I still didn’t understand anything, but I was still intrigued even as I was getting frustrated.  I truly hoped that BURNING ULTIMATUM would explain everything.  That there’d be this lightbulb moment where suddenly everything from the first three books would make sense.  Either I missed a chapter or two that explained everything, or I’m just too stupid to understand, but I still don’t get what the point of this story was.  Right from the start I felt as though I was missing something, and that feeling never went away for me.

This entire series has amazing ratings and reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads, so obviously a lot of people are loving it, but unfortunately I just can’t give it the same love.  If you love books with hidden agendas, backstabbing, ulterior motives, mind games and corporate takeovers, this one will be right up your alley.

Burning Ultimatum (Trevor’s Harem # 4)

My Rating:  2 Hearts

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