Love: Uncivilized (Uncivilized # 1.5)

By Sawyer Bennett

BR Love Uncivilized


How did things ever get to be so difficult? 

Nearly eight years of marriage. 
Two kids. 
Hectic careers and major life choices. 

Throw in sexual frustration, doubts, insecurities and one wild man not completely tamed by society, and you have a Christmas that’s bound to get out of control. 

Zacharias Easton will show you just how uncivilized love can be. 


Eight years after UNCIVILIZED, love and attraction still run deep between Zach and Moira, but doubt and anger have slowly started to seep in.  Moira is feeling neglected and more like a single mother every day because of the long hours Zach spends at the office, made worse by cancelled dinners and vacations.  Though the sex between them is still smoking hot, they know something is wrong with their relationship but neither can figure out how to fix it.

After finishing UNCIVILIZED last month, LOVE: UNCIVILIZED was added immediately to my TBR list.  It’s a novella and a fairly quick read, but it’s amazing how much story can be packed inside a small book.  This was a great read about love and marriage and how real life can cause strain between even the strongest of couples.  It’s about focusing on what really matters in life and the importance of communicating.  I have to say that it was refreshing to read a follow-up story that wasn’t all sunshine and roses. LOVE: UNCIVILIZED told in dual POVs and is the sequel to UNCIVILIZED, so I’d recommend reading that first before you start this one.  Will we hear more from Zach and Moira?  Only time will tell.

I exist to ensure Moira is happy because when she is happy and fulfilled, everyone else is happy and fulfilled.

Love: Uncivilized (Uncivilized # 1.5)

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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