Yes, Prime Minister

By Aria Cole


As the Prime Minister of the greatest nation to the north, boyishly handsome Bryce Gallagher gets exactly what he wants, exactly when he wants it. He’s never met a foreign dignitary he couldn’t charm, or an office assistant that didn’t swoon with one panty-dropping smile. But Bryce has never met a woman that’s caught his attention. And then Juliette Alexandre walked into his life.

Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks requires grit, and Juliette Alexandre has it in spades. She’s worked tooth and nail for every accomplishment she’s earned, which is why she is zero percent interested in the perfectly round, incredibly taut, viral-worthy assets of her new boss, Prime Minister Gallagher. She’s finally landed the dream job, now she just has to avoid drooling over the sexy-as-sin Prime Minister every time he shoots her that toe-curling grin. The fate of the country may depend on it.


YES, PRIME MINISTER was downloaded onto my Kindle as soon as I heard about it.  A beefy story about the hot Prime Minister of Canada?  Yes please!  Sadly, I had no idea that this was going to be an insta-love novella, one without much of a story to sink my teeth into.

For me, a novella can be a hit or a miss.  If it’s part of a series with previously established characters, it’s generally a hit.  When it’s a stand-alone, not so much.  Some have too much happening.  Some move too fast.  Some don’t delve into the characters backstory.  YES, PRIME MINISTER doesn’t have a lot thrown in; instead it focused purely on the relationship between Bryce and Juliette.  While the story itself didn’t move too fast, their relationship certainly did, with Bryce declaring Juliette was “the one” before they had even been on a single date.  In regards to the characters, we learn almost nothing about them personally from reading this story.  For example, Juliette grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and has worked very hard for everything she has, but we only know this about her because it’s mentioned in the blurb.  It’s not mentioned anywhere in the story at all.  What’s the point of giving her a difficult past if it’s not going to form a part of the actual story?

YES, PRIME MINISTER had potential, but I felt the insta-love and the overall lack of a story was too much to overcome.  If you like quick reads that take less than an hour, contain no conflict and have some light kink thrown in, this novella is for you.

Yes, Prime Minister

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