Wolf Hunger (SWAT #7)

By Paige Tyler


Wolf shifter and SWAT Officer Max Lowry falls hard for she-wolf Lana Mason, but things spiral out of control when wolf hunters track her down, and Max realizes Lana has no idea who—or what—she really is.


Wolf Hunger is the seventh installment in the SWAT series.  Max, like all the other SWAT members had a tough transition.  He still has a hard time controlling his shift especially if he is confronted with domestic disturbance calls. Lana is just back from college and moved back in with her parents.  Her dad is also Deputy Cheif.

I loved Max.  He had such a rough childhood that led to his transition then he works hard to fight for the kids that are suffering.  The moment he meets Lana he is blown away by her. Unfortunately she has a very protective father who also happens to out rank Max.

This is a very confusing time for Lana.  She doesn’t know how special she is yet.  But she does know that she is crazy for Max and she isn’t going to let anyone make relationship decisions for her.

I think that this is my favorite so far in this series. There is definitely a rollercoaster of emotions that happen both inside of their relationship and with the other parts of this story.  There is still “the one” theme that is happening but I love the fresh take with Lana’s situation.  Plus, we go deeper into what the Hunters are doing and who is involved. I still love all the guys and the advice they give because each of them may know that they have someone out there but winning over that person is another story.

I love this series!!!  Each member of SWAT brings something new and you want to fall in love with each of them.  I can’t wait for the next installment.

Wolf Hunger

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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