Want You (The Garner Brothers # 2)

By Stacy Finz


The smart and sexy Garner brothers have turned Glory Junction into California’s hottest extreme sports town—and a thrilling adventure of the heart is always part of the deal . . .

The savvy CEO behind his family’s outdoor sporting empire, TJ Garner has his choice of women. But the only one he wants is way out of bounds. Deb Bennett has been his brother Win’s on and off girl since they were teenagers. And Deb’s still waiting for Win to quit fooling around and realize she’s The One . . .

Deb carves the ski slopes and rides the rapids like a champion—it’s getting her every day life in order that’s the real challenge. When she turns to Win’s big brother for financial advice, TJ spontaneously offers the hard-working waitress an executive job at Garner Adventure. To Deb’s surprise, the job is a blast—and so is working for TJ. She always knew he was a heartthrob, just like all the Garners, but he’s charming and attentive too. Of course, given the choice between him and Win there’s no contest—or is there? . . .


WANT YOU is the second book in The Garner Brothers series, and as much as I was looking forward to reading it, it didn’t grab me as much as I was hoping it would.

I liked TJ and Deb; they’re both very nice people who are hardworking and sacrifice for their families. But I didn’t love them, and quite often they annoyed me. TJ harbors quite a bit of jealousy towards his younger brother, Win, especially when it comes to Deb and his failed Olympic dream. He says he’s over losing his spot to Win, but clearly he’s not because he brought it up several times throughout the story. Deb has a very low opinion of herself and was constantly saying how she was never good enough, smart enough or sophisticated enough for someone like TJ.

Apart from the above—and that Deb is highly unqualified for the job TJ gives her—I don’t remember much else about them because Win stole the show, and not in a good way. Several scenes in this book are told from Win’s POV as he struggles with a personal matter, and it distracted from the story that really mattered, which is obviously TJ’s and Deb’s.

While WANT YOU is part of a series, it can easily be read as a stand-alone. The romantic relationship is a slow build, with TJ and Deb not having sex until the 74% mark. That’s not a bad thing; just something I thought worth mentioning. I felt the conflict was resolved too quickly, but it comes with a HEA and a sweet epilogue.

Want You (The Garner Brothers # 2)

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