Trixsters Anonymous

By Ahren Sanders


Sassy, dramatic, hot-headed are just some of the words used to describe me since the time I was born. A few little mishaps growing up and my mom has a running ‘Emerson Baker’ prayer circle, and I have the reputation of a spit-fire that won’t go away.

I prefer the terms loyal, passionate, fiery, and possibly a bit impulsive.

So when my best friend proposes the concept of starting our own business, I jump on the idea.


That should be our motto… because your secrets can’t stay hidden for long with Trixsters Anonymous on the case.

We are the moonlighting duo hell-bent on helping those who suspect their lovers are cheating. We’re professional, careful, and completely anonymous…What could possibly go wrong?

Walker Scott… that’s what goes wrong.

I never stood a chance against the gorgeous, hazel-eyed, fiercely determined man who storms into my life and completely blindsides me.
He’s the proof that opposites attract—and when they do, the chemistry is explosive.
Did I mention he’s also a detective? A very, very, talented detective?

Pretty soon being a Trixster is a lot more complicated.


TRIXSTERS ANONYMOUS is the first book of Ahren Sanders I’ve read and I won’t lie, it was the cover that drew me in.  So hot!!!

I quite liked Emi, who is smart, funny and friendly.  Despite the blurb and how she was described in the book, I really didn’t find her over-dramatic at all.  Instead I thought she was a force to be reckoned with, and in a good way.  Thanks mainly to Emi and her BFF, Maren, there’s plenty of humor in the story, and I absolutely loved the aliases they gave each other when they were on their stakeouts.  When trying to catch cheaters, they did put themselves in risky situations, but they were smart and tried to go into every situation with all their bases covered.  It didn’t always work, but at no point did I think they were too stupid to live.  The only thing about her that disappointed me was that she turned into a weeping mess with Walker, which was a huge about-face from her otherwise strong personality.

I might be in the minority here, but I wasn’t a big fan of Walker.  I liked that he knew early on that Emi was someone special; someone he knew he’d happily spend the rest of his life with.  What I didn’t like about him was how controlling he was, and there’s really no other word to describe him.  When a woman can’t even leave town for a weekend with her girlfriends without her boyfriend freaking out, tracking down her location and joining her without her permission, something’s not right.  Some women might find his behavior swoon-worthy, but I honestly found his possessive caveman routine more disturbing than alpha.

TRIXSTERS ANONYMOUS is told in dual POVs and, at this point, appears to be a stand-alone.  I did find it to be a very long read that did drag at times, but overall I enjoyed the story and loved the HEA we got.

Trixsters Anonymous

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