Sugar Free – Video Book Club

Title: Sugar Free
Series: Sugar Bowl # 3
Author: Sawyer Bennett
Release Date: October 11, 2016


Christine’s Review

The whole Sugar Bowl Series was amazing. The prologe in Sugar Daddy was tough to get through because of the subject matter but set up the story perfectly. I don’t want to write about the story too much because it would give away spoilers. But I love the two main characters Beck and Sela. Beck is just a good human being and Sela is an example of a strong female character. I thought the villian of the story was written very well and every time he showed up on the page it put me on edge. This was the first time for me to read Sawyer Bennett but won’t be the last. I can wait to see what her hext book will be. (Hopefully something concerning Dennis.)

My Rating:  5 Hearts

Lulu’s Review

From the Sugar Bowl Series – Book 2 Sugar Rush was my favourite. I found Beck and Sela’s romance story really strenthened in book 2 and then the ending well who would not pick up the final. I loved Sela’s Dad and also Dennis was another favourite of mine. Reading Book 3 I was begging for Dennis to come back. I kept messaging Vicki thinking she may leak a hint to tell me all was going to be okay but alas no she kept saying = keep turning those pages so much is still yet to happen. The ending was just perfect as we jump ahead at really significant times for all the characters and I am just so happy with the conclusion. I am left with no questions from this book in relation to Sela and Beck I feel totally satisfied which is really rare. However on saying that I would love a book on Dennis, I would like it to start with an overlay from Sugar Free at the poingent moment in the book say around Chapter 25 or when Beck makes his desperate call to him about being in a “world of trouble”. So glad that Caroline gets her answers as does Sela evenutally. I found Beck’s parents just awful characters and loved the twists and turns with JT.

My Rating:  5 Hearts

Vicki’s Review

SUGAR FREE takes place immediately after SUGAR RUSH, with Sela telling Beck about JT’s latest attack, a scene that was pretty rough to read.  Beck and Sela have to make a choice about what to do next, and that choice quickly leads them towards an uncertain future.  The lengths these two are willing to go to, just to protect the other, shows you how much they love each other.  While Beck has been a pillar of support for Sela in all three books, it’s Sela’s chance to return the favour because the secrets revealed and the events that transpire in this story are soul crushing.  Thankfully in the end, Sela gets justice, JT gets what he deserved and Beck and Sela get their HEA.

“What you and I have, Sela…no one will ever comprehend it.  No one will ever come in between it.  But it’s real and it’s ours, and I’m never letting it go.”

SUGAR FREE is told in dual POVs and is the final book in the Sugar Bowl trilogy.  All three books are connected by a single story and cannot be read as stand-alones.  I was very happy with how this series concluded, although I was scared there for a little while because I thought the book would end in a way I was not going to like.  But then I got to chapter 25.  A chapter so good that I read it not once, not twice, but three times.  That chapter was fantastic and deserves a mic drop at the end of it because it was that good.

What else can I say about SUGAR FREE?  Honestly, not much because to do so would give away all the scary and awesome things that happened in this book.  The twists and turns from beginning to end had my head spinning, and I never knew where the story was going to take me next.  As with SUGAR DADDY and SUGAR RUSH, this was another amazing read that was impossible to put down.  I FUCKING LOVED IT!!!

My Rating:  5 Hearts