Some Sort of Happy (Happy Crazy Love # 1)

By Melanie Harlow

BR Some Sort Of Happy


I almost didn’t believe it was him. 

In high school, Sebastian Pryce had been an aloof outsider who kept to himself. But now, ten years later, he’s back and unusually attractive. With muscle in all the right places and hands that know exactly what they’re doing, Sebastian is everything I didn’t know I needed. And while he isn’t exactly friendly, he has a magnetism that draws me in. 

He pulls away, afraid he’ll break me. 

Until the night I demanded more—and he gave it. (Hard and deep. Twice.) 

Were we just two lost, lonely people seeking solace? 

Or could a disgraced reality TV star and a flawed, frustrating man actually find some sort of happy together?


After reading the synopsis and seeing the amazing rating SOME SORT OF HAPPY has on Amazon (currently 4.8 Stars and over 300 reviews), I thought this was going to be a no-brainer good book.  Maybe my expectations were too high, because I was left slightly disappointed.  There’s a lot of sex in this story and I was surprised at how much talking two people can do when they’re both going at it hard and fast.  When they aren’t having sex, they’re pushing and pulling away from each other, and in this case it’s mostly because of Sebastian.  The synopsis says he’s a flawed man, which is a huge understatement.  He suffers greatly from OCD, anxiety and depression, and he has disturbing thoughts of causing physical harm to people.  That, along with his mood swings, make it hard to fall in love with him.  Don’t get me wrong, he is a nice, shy and sweet guy when things are going well, but he comes with too much baggage for my liking.  I quite liked Sky, even though she sometimes seemed a bit flaky and lacked self-confidence.  She grew up a lot throughout the book, realised her dreams weren’t going to come true, made new life plans and put in 100% into making them work.

SOME SORT OF HAPPY is told in dual POVs and is a stand-alone in the Happy Crazy Love series.  I really wanted to like this one, but this is not what I was expecting from a book that has “Happy” in both the book and series title.

Some Sort of Happy (Happy Crazy Love # 1)

My Rating:  3 Hearts

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