Some Kind Of Hero (Troubleshooters # 19)

By Suzanne Brockmann


Navy men don’t come tougher than Lieutenant Peter Greene. Every day he whips hotshot SEAL wannabes into elite fighters. So why can’t he handle one fifteen-year-old girl? His ex’s death left him a single dad overnight, and very unprepared. Though he can’t relate to an angsty teen, he can at least keep Maddie safe—until the day she disappears. Though Pete’s lacking in fatherly intuition, his instinct for detecting danger is razor sharp. Maddie’s in trouble. Now he needs the Troubleshooters team at his back, along with an unconventional ally.

Romance writer Shayla Whitman never expected to be drawn into a real-world thriller—or to meet a hero who makes her pulse pound. Action on the page is one thing. Actually living it is another story. Shay’s not as bold as her heroines, but she’s a mother. She sees the panic in her new neighbor’s usually fearless blue eyes—and knows there’s no greater terror for a parent than having a child at risk. It’s an ordeal Shay won’t let Pete face alone. She’s no highly trained operative, but she’s smart, resourceful, and knows what makes teenagers tick.

Still, working alongside Pete has its own perils—like letting the heat between them rise out of control. Intimate emotions could mean dangerous, even deadly, consequences for their mission. No matter what, they must be on top of their game, and playing for keeps . . . or else Pete’s daughter may be gone for good.


SOME KIND OF HERO is the first book I’ve read from Suzanne Brockmann.  It was an amazing blend of humour, suspense and romance, and you step right into the action at the very first page.

Shayla is a divorced romance writer and a mother of two teenaged boys.  She’s been ogling the hot Navy SEAL who moved in across the street for months now, so when he flags her down asking for her help, who is she to refuse.  Shayla is a very likeable character because she’s funny, kind and smart.  The only thing about her that irked me was Harry, the imaginary voice of her favourite character in her head.  I eventually accepted the fact that it was just one of her quirks and tried to ignore he was there.

Peter is the hot Navy SEAL Shayla’s been fantasising about for months.  He’s also a newly single father to a teenaged daughter he can’t seem to connect with, no matter how hard he tries.  Regardless of how Maddie feels about him, he loves her, which is proven by how far he’s willing to go to get her back safely.  I loved the emails he sent to Maddie while she was missing; they were so sweet and really allowed her to see that her father was not the bad guy she thought he was.

The story (with exception of the epilogue) takes place in just four days, so I would definitely call this an insta-love.  The epilogue was short and sweet, and the perfect way to end their story.  While this is part of a series, and couples/characters from previous books make their appearances here, it can be read as a stand-alone.  SOME KIND OF HERO is not only told in Peter and Shayla’s POVs, but also in several other characters POVs as well.  This did make it a little confusing, but it didn’t happen too often and it was good to sneak inside the minds of the other characters for certain scenes.

Some Kind Of Hero (Troubleshooters # 19)

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