Sex Machine

By Marie Force



He’s good for one thing and one thing only—and she wants it bad.

Honey Carmichael has never had a decent orgasm, and she’s out to change that with the one man in town known for his superior skill between the sheets.

Blake Dempsey is happy to help Honey with her “problem” as long as she knows he’s only interested in sex. His heart was broken when his high school girlfriend was killed in the car he was driving, and he has nothing to offer other than more orgasms than Honey can handle.

Which is just fine with her—until fantastic orgasms aren’t enough anymore for either of them and unexpected feelings turn hot sex into messy entanglement—and that most definitely wasn’t in the plans. 

But you know what they say about plans…


“I want you to fuck me.”

When a book starts like that, you know you’re in for a ride.  Honey is desperate to have some good sex and word on the street is that Blake is the man to see.  An emotional robot since the death of his high school girlfriend, he and his huge dick will give a woman a night to remember, but only one night because he doesn’t do repeats.  But Honey has always been on his radar, and he knows that one night with her won’t be enough.

I try to avoid books where one of the lead characters refuses to fall in love again because of a single incident in their past, but I’m a huge fan of Marie’s Fatal series, so I gave this one a go.  I enjoyed the story for the most part, but to be honest, this story is predominately about sex between two people who try to deny their feelings for each other.  Especially Blake, who had my eyes rolling due to the number of times he thought about his girlfriend⎯who died twelve years ago⎯and using it as an excuse to keep women at arms length.

Unfortunately, there were a few other things in this story that didn’t sit right with me.
1 – Blake letting the women in town use him for sex and not caring about his reputation.
2 – Honey’s friend, Lauren, kept pushing her to have sex with Blake because she’d slept with him in the past and knew from experience how good he was.  That was a bit icky.
3 – The drunken anal sex scene that physically hurt Honey, yet she claimed she loved it.

Don’t get me wrong, Blake and Honey are VERY nice characters, and I liked that Honey wasn’t afraid to step up and fight for what she wanted.  But I think I would have preferred Blake to fight for the relationship instead of Honey.  SEX MACHINE is told in dual POVs and is a stand-alone that comes with a nice HEA for Blake and Honey.

Sex Machine

My Rating:  3 Hearts

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