Rise From Ash (Daughter Of Fire # 2)

By Michelle Irwin

BR Rise From Ash


Love has cost Evie Meyers everything. Wounded and alone, she has no choice but to learn how to survive without becoming the monster she is thought to be by the man she loves. 

When she discovers a cryptic message from that very man, Clay Jacobs, her mind is thrown into turmoil. It’s second nature for Evie to run, but there is no escaping the memories of their time together. While she is certain it’s a trap, she longs to discover the true meaning of his words. With heart battling mind, her choices send her on a collision course with what was once lost, leaving her life hanging in the balance. 

Can Evie rise from the ashes of her charred dreams, or will she burn in the attempt?


RISE FROM ASH starts up from where THROUGH THE FIRE finished, with Evie escaping the hospital believing that Clay hates and blames her for the death of his twin sister.  There are gaps in time, years actually, from when Evie escapes the hospital until she meets up with Clay again.  Not much happened to Evie during those years other than being hunted by the Rain.  Clay’s story during that time will be much more interesting I think.  He spent the years apart researching her heritage and trying to figure out how her abilities can protect her while on she’s the run.  When they finally get together again, it’s not long before the Rain comes knocking and Clay is forced to deal with his family once again.  There’s a new supernatural element plaguing Evie and I suspect a certain someone connected to the Rain is behind it.

I feel sorry for Clay, having to turn his back on his lying and betraying family just because they refuse to listen to reason and continue to hunt Evie.  They are so blind to the facts that surround them that they can’t even see their own actions for what they are.  And Evie has gone through so much hardship, you just want her to have her HEA already.  Because if anyone deserves one, it’s her.  What sucks is that RISE FROM ASH is only book 2 of 4, so you just know that both Evie and Clay are going to go through so much more before the series reaches its hopefully happy conclusion.  It’s just not fair damn it.

I am loving the Daughter Of Fire series from Michelle Irwin and I can’t wait to see how Clay and Evie’s story ends.   You’ll definitely need to read THROUGH THE FIRE (Daughter Of Fire # 1) first, and I’d recommend following that up with BESIEGED BY RAIN (Son Of Rain # 1) as well, which is a companion to THROUGH THE FIRE and told in Clay’s POV.  This is one of those series that before I start reading, I have to make sure everything else is done, because once I start reading it, I’m not going to want to put it down for anything.

Rise From Ash (Daughter Of Fire # 2)

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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