My Last Resolution: A New Year’s Novella

By Whitney Gracia Williams

BR My Last Resolution


I don’t care which city. 
I don’t care which flight. 
I just need to get the hell out of here…

Paris Weston is tired of all the broken promises her boyfriend has given her over the years. Instead of showing up to their “secret” engagement party, she shows up to the airport–ready and willing to go wherever the next flight is bound.

Determined to get away and start again, she’s certain that a week or two away will solve all of her problems.Until she never makes it to her final destination. Until the sexy, dirty-mouthed stranger who sits next to her on the plane changes everything. Until the unintended layover leaves her never wanting to go back home.


PLEASE NOTE:  This has been rereleased as THE LAYOVER.

Well, as the title suggests, MY LAST RESOLUTION is a story about New Year resolutions and the desire to fulfil them.  This was the perfect book for me to read to bring in the new year.  Seriously, I started this book 10.30 pm December 31st and finished it just after midnight January 1st.

This novella is the story of Paris and Blake, two strangers who meet on a plane headed to Washington DC: Blake on his way home; and Paris on her way to Boston.

Paris has spent the past six years in a relationship where her dreams of becoming a journalist have been put on hold in order to support her boyfriend, Adrian, and his dream of becoming a lawyer.  She worked three awful jobs and ruined her credit rating just to put him through law school.  They both agreed that once he became a lawyer, it was going to be his turn supporting her while she went to graduate school.  Of course, when the time finally comes, Adrian wants more schooling and tells her she’ll still have to wait.  Finally fed up with his selfish and condescending ways, she flees to the airport with only $400.00 to her name, desperate to get as far away as possible.

It’s on the way to her stopover in Washington DC that she meets Blake, the sexiest man she’s ever seen and who, funnily enough, is a lawyer.  Despite Blake being very sexy, she’s put off by his continual need to interrupt her peace and over-the-top come-ons.  They might make her horny, but she won’t tell him that.

After arriving in Washington, her connecting flight is cancelled and due to a problem with her ticket, she could be waiting days or weeks until she can return home.  After finding her stuck at the airport, Blake persuades a reluctant Paris to stay at his house rather than at the airport or a hotel.

Despite the attraction, she rebuffs all of his attempts to seduce her into his bed, but he’s so sweet and sexy, what’s a girl to do?  Finally (and it’s about bloody time) she gives in to her desires and they spend the rest of her trip enjoying the pleasures of each others bodies.  He also uses this time to try and convince her to stay with him permanently.

Novellas can be really hit and miss. MY LAST RESOLUTION is definitely a hit and I loved it.  Despite being a really quick read, the story is funny, solid and believable, and the characters are fleshed out enough that you feel you can connect with them.  You’ll hate Adrian, roll your eyes at Paris’s mum, fall in love with Blake and silently cheer when Paris leaves Adrian and finally sleeps with Blake.

“I look like a murderer to you?”
“No, but since I took my eyes off of you for five seconds, you could’ve used that time to drug my drink.”
“You’ve only been able to take your eyes off of me for five seconds?”

My only issue with this book was the ending.  You’re left with the impression that there’s a HEA, but you can’t be 100% certain.  I’m not sure if this is a stand-alone or if there’ll be another book to come.  Personally, I would love to read more about Paris and Blake.

My Last Resolution: A New Year’s Novella

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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