My Champion (Bewitched and Bewildered # 7)

By Alanea Alder


Declan Lionhart has been running interference between the Founding Families and the citizens of Noctem Falls since the day he arrived in the city. His hopes of being a simple unit warrior crumbles in the face of their troubles and it looks like he will always be bound by his family’s political legacy. But with current tensions skyrocketing to unimaginable levels, Declan’s laid back persona and easy smile are needed now more than ever.

Kari Delaney has finally achieved everything she’s ever wanted. The business she created from scratch is booming and she has her dream custom built condo in the heart of the small town where she was raised. But all that changes the day she gets her evacuation notice.

Despite being a vampire, Kari hates Noctem Falls and the politics that permeates every aspect of life within the city. Under protest she and her younger brother leave for the City of the Night.

Declan is smitten with his little general and the strength she exudes. But when it’s just the two of them he begins to break down her carefully constructed walls and shows her that even though he’s easy going, he is still an Alpha, and his lion is demanding her heart.

When the entire city erupts into chaos with matings being dissolved and Founding Families making alliances, Declan realizes it will take every trick he learned at his father’s knee to maneuver through the murky political waters swirling around them. Both he and his mate race against time to keep the people of the city safe, despite homesick children, disastrous dinners, Meryn’s wacky revenge plans and an unexpected pairing.


MY CHAMPION is the seventh book in the Bewitched and Bewildered series and was another enjoyable read. The story continues on from MY GUARDIAN and follows the mating of Declan (lion shifter) and Kari (vampire), and we’re still in Noctem Falls. With twenty books planned for this series, I assume that each of the four pillar cities will get five books apiece, and that only the highest ranking Unit Warriors for each city will have stories written about them.

I’ll be honest, I don’t remember much about Declan at all. Kari was a bit more memorable with her take-charge-and-get-things-done personality, but I can’t say much else about her either. Why? Because unlike the first five books in this series, the couple and their relationship hasn’t been the main focus of the story for books six and seven. Instead, the focus has shifted to Meryn and trying to figure out what’s going on in the paranormal world. While I’m very interested in the conspiracies that have been going on for centuries, I’m disappointed that it’s at the expense of the romance side of things.

On top of the lack of romance, there are a few other minor issues. I agree with what others have said about Meryn becoming more childish as the series progresses. I’m hoping we’ll see the old Meryn again in future books, especially when she seems to be connected to everything that’s going on. Quite a few conversations felt disjointed and hard to follow, with topics changing at random before turning back around to a previous topic. Finally, with so many new characters being introduced, they’re all starting to blur together. I found myself having to stop quite a few times and saying to myself “Who is this person again?”.

If you’re still reading this review, you might be wondering why I’ve given MY CHAMPION 5❤ when it sounds like I didn’t enjoy the book. Well, it’s because despite what I’ve said above, I did enjoy it. There were scenes that had me laughing out loud and the story arc has me chomping at the bit for the next book.

MY CHAMPION is told in dual POVs, with the epilogue being told in Grant’s POV as he’ll get the next book. While each book is about a different couple, the books in this series cannot be read as a stand-alone and must be read in order.

My Champion (Bewitched and Bewildered # 7)

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