Most Of All You – Video Book Club

Title: Most Of All You
Series: Stand-alone
Author: Mia Sheridan
Release Date: October 17, 2017

Christine’s Review

Most of All You is a story of two damaged people finding each other. The hard part is believing in each other and themselves in order to make a life together. I gave this book 4 hearts. I really liked the concept of the story. Gabriel was a tortured child that managed to escape and heal himself for the most part. Ellie was a neglected child that had to endure her own torture and never quite healed until Gabriel.

I liked the fact the Gabriel was constantly reminded that Ellie was not a project for him to fix. That she had to believe in herself. I loved the heart that this story had from all the characters.

This story had so much heart but there were a few things that really stuck with me. These are really nitpicking but it seemed like their meeting was very convenient. I’m not sure why Gabriel picked “Crystal” to hire to get him past his problem with being touched.

I also felt like the angel theme was overdone. He is angelic looking, his name is Gabriel, he’s working on a cherub and Ellie feels like he is too good for her. So I felt like I get it he’s a good guy.

But having said all that, I did really enjoy the book. I had a fantastic cry at the beginning and having never read Mia Sheridan before I will definitely have to read her again.

My Rating:  

Lulu’s Review

Most of All You is a heartbreaking but incredibly uplifting story of finding love and forging ahead. Gabe & Ellie gave each other so many firsts in life and my eyes tear up thinking of those.

Chapter 23 simply shattered me, when we learn fully of Gambit, Racer, Shadow, Lemon Fair, Lady Eloise – talk about arrow straight through my heart. I could not breathe once I realised the full significance of these pieces of Gabe’s puzzle. As I remember this moment I have tears in my eyes.

Gabe and Ellie both tell us their stories which entwine amongst each others recovery to be open to love. Both had stories of their youth being taken from them and losing family.

The first 30% of this book is incredibly hard to read. It is depressing to watch Ellie and how she accepts her life. My favourite part of this whole journey was Gabe showing her she is capable and entitled to a better life.

“The man who’d loved me enough to wait for me to love myself”

The last 30% is my favourite, so much repair and new love and life. The way Ellie on her own starts to rebuild her life is amazing and gave me pure joy.

So many wonderful moments in this story where I would highlight paragraphs of beautiful words.

I wanted to scream, cry, yell, curse but then I laughed, held hope and ultimately fell in love with this dynamic couple.

Chloe at first I did not like, I was like a protective shield wanting Ellie to have it all. The turn of events for Chloe was surprising for me. Dominic who is Gabe’s brother well at the start I understood his reservations and I loved how his character grew over the story and how his shell also opened from his guilt.

The passionate and emotional scenes and slow build up for Gabe and Ellie was just perfect for me, it was believable.

Gabe and his sculpting, it was like we were watching not only him sculpt William, he was cracking away at not only his shell but Ellie’s too. Gabe and Ellie gave each other so many firsts in life and my eyes tear up thinking of those, it gives me joy and reminds me why I read romance books.

“I don’t create beauty, Eloise, I just reveal what’s already there”

My Rating:  

Vicki’s Review

I’ve previously read four books by Mia Sheridan before, and each one was able to really draw me in and make me cry my eyes out. So I was surprised when that didn’t happen with MOST OF ALL YOU, and I put that down to me just not being in the mood for an emotional read rather than the story or the author’s telling of it. Or, as I told Christine and Lulu, perhaps I’m broken.

I had a lot of trouble connecting with Ellie, and I think that’s mainly because she would disconnect her mind from what was going on around her. What she went through as a child is terrible, and what she continues to experience as an adult is just as bad, but I didn’t like her give up mentality. That she never fought for herself or for anything better.

I loved Gabriel, who I thought suffered a hell of a lot more than Ellie did, but who had a much better outlook on life than she did. He was such a sweetheart and a gentleman, and that might be another reason why I couldn’t connect with Ellie, because Gabriel was so nice, thoughtful and honest, and she was horrible to him the first few times they were together.

“I know how to remove myself. I know how to do that. I want to stay present. That’s what I need you to help me with. Staying.”

There are a few other characters that deserve a mention. Gabriel’s brother, Dominic, was a prick and I didn’t like him at all. I loved George, who was a wonderful father figure not just for Gabriel and Dominic, but for Ellie too. I would have loved to have seen more one-on-one time between Ellie and George because I think she desperately needed it, but he kind of faded into the background, which was disappointing.

In regards to the story, I thought it was odd that Gabriel felt a strip club was the best place to help him with his problem. But the more I thought about it, the more I wondered if it was the anonymity of it all that he felt it was the best place. Ellie is able to help him with his problem, but I felt this was a part of the story that wasn’t tidied up. Has his problem been solved with everyone, or just with Ellie? How did he feel about it after all these years? Does he experience setbacks? From what I remember, he was suddenly cured and then nothing was said about it again.

MOST OF ALL YOU is told in dual POVs and comes with a HEA for Gabriel and Ellie. I did find it a bit wordy with the amount of inner monologue throughout the story. Be warned, this story contains rape and physical abuse, which may be triggers for some readers.

My Rating: