Michael: A Scrooged Christmas

By F.G. Adams


Do holiday wishes really come true?

For kindergarten teacher, Holly Mary Edwards, she’s banking on a miracle when the man of her dreams returns from duty abroad.

Decorated army doctor, Michael Barnes, is not ready to face the holiday season after his fiancé leaves him for another man. Michael is convinced it’s time to put happiness in a tight little box and ship it back to the North Pole.

He wasn’t expecting Holly. And when the sexy Holly-jolly nymph takes it upon herself to divest him of his Mr. Scrooged attitude, she’ll do anything to bring him into the jingle bell jolly.

Can Holly convince him ‘tis the season for love?


Unfortunately, MICHAEL: A SCROOGED CHRISTMAS was a DNF for me at the 18% mark.  I usually try to last a little longer than that, but I just couldn’t continue on when a flashback scene appeared out of nowhere and had no connection to the scene I was reading.  At least, I think it was a flashback scene.  I honestly can’t be certain.  It appeared so randomly and without notice that I thought I’d missed an entire page, so I went back two pages and re-read everything, but the result was still the same: great confusion about what I was reading.  So I made the decision to stop reading and move on to another book.  I researched the author’s work and found out that the two people Michael was angry at⏤Grayson and Ella⏤had their own story already, and I wonder if the flashback would have made more sense if I had read that other book first.

Michael: A Scrooged Christmas

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