Mating Bite (Bite # 2)

By Cynthia Eden


Werewolf Carter Sinclair is on the hunt. He’s tracking a newly turned vamp, a beauty with bite named Lauren McIntosh. Hunting her is the easy part. After all, no one can hide from a wolf. But once Carter gets the vamp in his arms, his easy mission suddenly goes straight to hell.

One taste, one bite that should never have happened…and Carter is hooked—mind, body, soul. Nature has plans for him and Lauren. They’re to be mates, but there is a vicious vamp waiting in the dark—a killer who has already claimed Lauren as his.

Now Carter has a new mission—keep Lauren safe at all costs. Make her fall for him. And hide all of the very dark and dangerous secrets that fill his closet. He needs Lauren to trust him, he needs her to stay with him, and the last thing he wants is for Lauren to know just how deeply he’s already betrayed her. What she never knows can’t hurt her, right?

Their mating is forbidden, but Carter is about to break every werewolf and vamp rule out there in order to claim Lauren. And those fools who try to get in his way will find out just how deadly his beast can truly be…because there is no one in the world more important to a wolf…than his mate.


MATING BITE was an enjoyable and quick read, but it is pretty similar to FORBIDDEN BITE, in that we have a male vampire hiring a werewolf to track down a female vampire, for reasons other than what is claimed.  In this case, Carter is hired to track down newly-turned vampire, Lauren, and return her to her maker and “mate”.

Rule Five: Mating is forever. If you don’t believe that, try taking away a wolf’s mate. See how well that shit works for you.

Because it’s a novella, it is a fairly quick read, so I can’t say much about Carter and Lauren other than I liked them.  I loved how protective Carter was of Lauren, and I really felt for her when she explained how she was turned against her will, the fear she felt as she was being murdered, and the fear of losing her humanity.  I did struggle to understand her reason behind the conflict, but it all worked out in the end.

MATING BITE is told mostly in Carter and Lauren’s POVs, but is also occasionally told in the POV of other characters.  It comes with a HEA for Carter and Lauren, and with the introduction of two new characters (Natalie and Riley), I wonder if there’ll be another book or two in the future.  I hope there will be because I want to read them.

Mating Bite (Bite # 2)

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