Ghost Maker (Ghost Seer Series Book 5)

By Robin D. Owens



Clare Cermak has a gift for speaking to ghosts of the Old West, but in the latest from the author of Ghost Talker, she may soon join their ranks…

With Clare’s health fading, she and her partner—the love of her life—detective Zach Slade, head to Manitou Springs, Colorado, in search of the only healer who can help them: the ghost of Sister Juliana Emmanuel, whose healing skills live on in the afterlife.

Unfortunately for Clare, the nun’s ghost is elusive, and the town is teeming with spirits who all want to speak with Clare—newer ones, street kids who’ve been killed and want their bodies found and their murders avenged.

Now, with the help of Zach and Sister Juliana, Clare must find the killer before he strikes again. But to do so, she will face an evil that could destroy everything she and Zach hold dear—including their love…


Ghost Maker is the continuation of Clare and Zach’s story.  Clare has settled into her role as someone who can aid the ghosts who have not transitioned yet.  Zach is also settling into his role as her love and protector, even when that means protecting her from herself.

This addition of the Ghost Seer Series finds that Clare still has her spectral wound that isn’t getting any better so she is having trouble completing her duties.  She is slowly dying and Zach will do everything in his power to prevent that from happening.  They find themselves looking for a specific type of ghost who can help Clare.  This ghost just happens to be a nun who is still tormenting herself for her actions when she was alive.

Enzo also returns in Ghost Maker.   I love what Enzo adds the innocence and wide eye optimism.  He makes a great friend to both Clare and Zach and adds humour where the story needs it.

The Other also adds another dimension to this story because of his unwillingness to see Clare as anything more than a means to an end.  He never shows real compassion for anyone unless they can help him get to the next level of existence.

This story was very touching.  Clare continued to help spirits even at the risk of her own health. Zach was by her side every step of the way.  When the case he was working on intersects with Clare’s tormented nun, the story offers an emotional punch.  I found this story felt a little long in parts but the ending gave the emotional balance that I was looking for in the story.

Ghost Maker

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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