For Us Alone

By Helen J. Barnes

BR For Us Alone


Meet plain Jane, she is your stereotypical wife, mother and slave to her family. She is also a blogger, about to attend her first ever book signing event.

Little does she know she is also about to embark on an empowering journey of self-discovery. A chance meeting with the man who dominates her fantasies leads to a lesson in the sensual delights of the body.

Can she allow herself to indulge in the ecstasy he offers, just for a single night, locked away from existence? Can she keep their sordid secret from the whole world?

A night for him. A night for her.
A night for them alone.


There’s not really a lot to say about this book, other than it’s an erotic novella that was a fun way to kill an hour before going to bed.  Jane, a happily married wife and mother, happens to meet the celebrity of her dreams, Mr Green, who also happens to be married, while checking into her hotel room.  A one night only arrangement suddenly turns into two nights, with the promise of another hookup a few months down the road.  Both make no apologies about having an affair, and while I can’t speak for Mr Green, Jane doesn’t feel one ounce of guilt.  Those two nights of amazing sex was for her, for him, for them alone.  If you can get past the cheating side of the story, you’ll enjoy it.

And seriously, who doesn’t fantasise about spending a couple of nights locked in a hotel room with the celebrity of their dreams.

“We’ll share a night. Never to be spoken of again by either of us. It will be something we never share with anyone else, private between me and you. Once it’s over, it’s over. We can look back on it whenever we want, but it will never go any further than my hotel room. I will treat you how you deserve to be treated, show you the beauty that you are and love your body until you can stand no more. All I ask for is your continued unfaltering discretion.”

For Us Alone

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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