Delivery Girl (Minnesota Ice # 1)

By Lily Kate


Good things come in extra-large, smoking hot packages.

Things like pizza.

The very pizzas that I deliver for my dad’s restaurant, Peretti’s Pizza. It’s a temporary job, something to pay the bills until I graduate from school, but it does the trick. In fact, it’s working quite well until Ryan Pierce of the Minnesota Stars decides to order a pizza from me, and life as I know it turns upside down.

You see, Ryan Pierce doesn’t just open his front door. He opens it buck naked. And suddenly, I’m not the one boasting the biggest, hottest package in the room. However, it’s what happens next that gives me butterflies whenever my phone beeps. Ryan starts to call, and then text, and then fifteen pizza deliveries and one fantastic night later, we’re friends with benefits.

So when he asks me to be his fake girlfriend at his brother’s wedding, I’m happy to help. But the longer we pretend, the more I worry that this is one package I might not be able to handle.


I had DELIVERY GIRL on my TBR list for six months before I finally got around to reading it.  With all the positive reviews, along with the great sounding synopsis and it being about a hockey player, I thought it was a shoe-in for being a great read.  Unfortunately, I really struggled with this book.  It took me three days to read it and several times I considered not finishing it, but ultimately I kept going in the hopes it would get better.  For me, it did not.

Firstly, I can’t remember anything personal about Ryan and Andi, and I didn’t feel any chemistry between them.  What I do remember is that they spent almost the entire story trying to figure out their relationship.  Is it just friendship?  Is it friendship with benefits?  Is it a relationship?  If so, can it work?  Is it real?  Is it fake?  The status of their relationship was brought up by both parties in almost every chapter, and that kind of repetitive thinking quickly became irritating.

Secondly, I thought it was odd that Andi knew who Ryan was before she met him, knew that he was a famous hockey player who is predicted to become very big in the NHL, yet she knew nothing about the game, going so far as to call the puck a “little black thingy”.  If the man stars in your fantasies, you’d be watching his games just to see more of him and would therefore quickly learn a lot about the game.

Thirdly, why would an up-and-coming player, one without a history of bad behavior, have to beg for a new agent and a new team?  If he’s really that good and has great potential, agents and teams would be knocking down his door to get him.

Finally, the agent’s behavior bothered me greatly.  What kind of agent prefers their clients to be manwhores over being in committed relationships?  What kind of agent threatens a potential (yes, potential) client with ruination if he doesn’t break up with his girlfriend before signing with them?  The agent gets the next book in the series, but I disliked her so much that even if I loved this book, I’d have no desire to read her story.

DELIVERY GIRL is told in dual POVs and comes with a nice HEA for Ryan and Andi.  The story takes place during the off season, so if you’re after some hockey action, you won’t find it here.  I know my complaints may seem minor, petty and too technical to some people, but when they affect my overall enjoyment of the story, I can’t help but fixate on them.  It pains me to give a bad review, especially to a debut author, but going by all the positive reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, I’m clearly in the minority with my opinions.

Delivery Girl (Minnesota Ice # 1)

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