The Curse (The Butterfly Effect #2)

By Margaret McHeyzer


It’s been the butterfly effect.
I changed the course of my life because I warned a man.
I thought what I had was a gift, but it’s quickly turning into my curse.
Now I realize I’m much more than a girl with an ability.
Because now… I’m becoming a weapon.


I am so glad that we did not have to wait long for book 2 in this series.  The Curse picks up right where The Gift left off.  I love the idea that someone can change the course of the future but there will be consequences.

Alexa is so strong after her life is torn apart. I really liked her as a character.  She is smart and loyal to the people around her. But the thing I liked most about her is that she never gives up.

I wanted to hate Jude in the beginning of The Gift but quickly came to love him in The Curse.  The only thing that wish was that we could have found out more about his past and the reason he is the way he is.

The Curse was fast paced and always had something going on.  It had some great twists in it, one I didn’t expect. I can’t go into any details without giving spoilers away but I will say that I really got into this series.

The Curse

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