Worth The Shot (The Bannister Brothers # 2)

By Jennie Marts

BR Worth The Shot


Addison Cavanaugh had one rule: Do not date hockey players. So kissing the newest trade to her dad’s team should have been off-limits–even if he is hot enough to melt the ice. 
After being traded in the middle of the season, Bane Bannister wasn’t looking for trouble. In fact, he’d been strictly instructed by his new coach to stay out of trouble and away from women. Too bad the only woman he’s interested in happens to be the coach’s daughter. 
Is the hunky hockey player enough to make Addison break her only rule? Is the new player worth the shot or is she risking her heart in a game she can’t possibly win?


After reading and enjoying ICING ON THE DATE, I was really looking forward to reading Bane’s story in WORTH THE SHOT; unfortunately, I did not find this one as enjoyable as the first.  Both books are novellas, but WORTH THE SHOT is just half the size of the previous book, so the story is very rushed.  In under two days, Bane and Addison meet, have sex, fall in love, break up and make up.  It moves so quickly that, as a reader, we’re not given the chance to get to know the characters or even to find out what happens to Bane’s hockey career.  I also think Ms Marts needs to research sports a lot more if she plans on continuing with sports romances.  The way Bane is “traded” to another team is not how it’s done in real life, nor does a coach have the power to fire a player without the approval of the team’s management and/or its owners.  Ultimately, the lack of both depth and realism ruin what could have been a good story.  WORTH THE SHOT is told in dual POVs and while it’s part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone.

Worth The Shot (The Bannister Brothers # 2)

My Rating:  2 Hearts

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