Wolf’s Challenge (Stranger Creatures Book 1)

By Christina Lynn Lambert


Taking risks, especially risks of the handsome male variety, is currently out of the question for Sydney Reid. She will make no exceptions for tall, gorgeous Derrick Porter. Never date a player–it’s rule number one in Sydney’s book, and the charming lawyer constantly devouring her with his eyes is every inch the reason. Despite her best efforts to keep Derrick in the friend zone, sparks fly between the two of them, and Sydney isn’t entirely sure she wants to throw water on the flames.

Can Derrick convince the shy, sexy Sydney to give him a chance, something more than her elusive “maybe”? More importantly, should he? Derrick has a few secrets, the least shocking secret being that he can transform at will into a powerful wolf. He’s still trying to forgive himself for being at the wheel during the accident that killed his son. Losing Sydney when she learns the truth might break him, but he’s pretty sure not having her would be just as bad.

And with an obsessed stalker on their tails, more than their hearts are at issue.


Wolf’s Challenge is a story of a wolf shifter that has lost a lot and woman who is learning to take back her life again.  It’s a carefully crafted tale of loss and courage.

Derrick is a wolf shifter and successful lawyer, is coming back to the world after losing his son in a horrible car accident while he was driving.  He has been going through the motions of life but not really engaging in it.  He joins a running group that is coached by his friend and then paired together with Sydney.

Sydney is recovering from two emotionally damaging relationships.  She is done with men for the moment.  Sydney definitely decides she does not need anymore players.  She decides that Derrick is a player so that definitely means that he is not for her.  But thanks to her friend Jack that she would join his running group is going to put her decision to swear off men to the test.

These two are attracted to each other but Sydney can’t see past her past to give Derrick a chance.  He is persistent because for the first time since the accident he has found someone that he has feelings for.  But there are other forces at work here and there is another person that is obsessed with Derrick that will do everything in her power to bring him down.

I enjoyed Wolf’s Challenge and got wrapped up in their struggle to get past the things that were haunting both of them.  They were both very insecure and had a hard time believing in each other.  The only thing that I was surprised by was that I was expecting a different resolution between Derrick and the person who was obsessed with him, though there was a major answer that was answered and he could move on, I just felt that I wanted there to be more of a confrontation.  But I loved the ending and to see the confidence that both Sydney and Derrick gain from each other.

Wolf’s Challenge

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